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Am I the only one


…who doesn’t like Creams and Custards? As a new mixer, I select the most popular recipes, and the suggestions in the Beginners Guide. All good and “Vapeable”, but don’t wow me. Lots of forum activity reference C&C’s, but not many nay-sayers like me.

My single favor tests seem to indicate clean fruits and berries are my “thing”. Anybody care to throw out their favorite “clean” recipes? These are 2 of my favs that have become my ADV’s. Looking for more options…

Thanks in advance gang…Terry


This is a fruity mix that I like made by another mixer, not me, some dude that calls himself scary. I think this is a great fruit recipe that goes mostly unnoticed. You can toss the whipped cream and it’s still great. I have it copied on my page but this is straight off the site.


I like this one, actually used to buy the original before DIY.

I also like single flavor of RF SC Blueberry Lemonade slushie @ 3%.


Nope, you’re not the only one. My husband and I started off vaping only straight fruit flavors. Eventually my tastes changed (drastically) but the husband still is still on 100% fruit flavors.

Here are a few recipes that either he or I like(d) that are just fruity:

Some of those do have cream in them. But they’re not “creamy” recipes. Sometimes throwing a cream into a mix can help smooth out the harsh edges without pushing it into the creamy fruit zone. I just mention this because even if you’re not into creamy flavors, it might end up benefiting you to have a couple creams on hand.


I like this one…


It’s really early for you and please don’t disregard the possibilities of a smooth creamy fruit vape.

I tried to view your stash, but it’s not posted. From the recipes you’ve posted above I’m guessing that you (being fairly new to mixing) are mostly using TPA flavors, which ain’t all bad. But there are some creams and custards other than TPA that offer better C&C versions. Just be open minded because the best of DIY is still ahead of you.


Thanks everybody, I’ve got some Mixing to do now…Awesome.

Totally Agree Mr. Pro-Vapes…tastes Evolve/change over time. I’ll certainly check in with the C&C’s now and again. It’s not like I dislike them, just seem to grab the others first at the moment


This is one of my fruit recipes.


Is there a limit to how many basic fruits you want in it?


Love creams, but not custards.
For some reason vanilla custard tastes like cardboard to me. Its all i can taste in a mix with it, like im licking the box it came to me in…


Hey cool you featured your adaption of my apple-berry :slight_smile: sweet hah good to see its still enjoyed by people :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh hell yeah, that was one of my first faves!!!


Also…(@mikelej14) this was one of my first favorite non-fruit-only recipes (in case the OP wants to venture outside of just fruits at any point. :wink: Yum!). It was one that started bridging the gap for me between fruits and “others”.


Yes yes yes yes lol still to this day one of my adv’s. Im definitely proud of that one :stuck_out_tongue:


Its honestly been a while since I’ve mixed it…I have a very much needed mixing session scheduled for tomorrow, I think I’ll mix up a bottle!


Lately i have been experimenting with lemonade raspberry and jackfruit. I have a few things in the works so hopefully soon ill be posting a new fruit recipe public. :wink:
After how well my pink lemonade recipe turned out, i decided i wanted to run with it and do some other unique lemonades…


Jackfruit…a flavor that’s been on my wish list forever but I still haven’t tried any!
Sounds like something the OP might get into, too! :grin:


Oh hell yes! Having fun listening to you two…


Ok good… felt like we were derailing for a sec there…lol

Also, I have to say that I’m glad this thread came up, @TerryL1! Like I mentioned, my husband is a fruit vaper, and I’m so very much not anymore. So I usually mix him single flavors that I know taste fine because of my sf testing… :confused: As selfish as it might be, I spend my time developing things that I enjoy and not so much on his stuff…bad wifey…:joy: so anyway, hopefully a few recipes get dropped in here that both of us can use!


Well i just mixed up my latest creation ‘Wonder Lemonade’ so ill give it a vape a little later whwn my tanks empty and see how it is as snv, if its good (at least to me) ill post it up public and link it here. Not sure how you guys get along with lemonade mixes but i just wasnt satisfied with what i found already made in shops and the recipes i had found on here all seemed to be missing something so i have kind of made a project of creating some lemonades i enjoy. My pink lemonade is one of my favorite recipes right up there with the strawberry sugarcookie and apple-berry imo so im hoping this one lives up to its prematurely given name :stuck_out_tongue: