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Amoretti Home User Line


What’s Up fellow E-Juice home makers, We are coming out with a new line of pack sizes for the home use community. Are .5oz sizes will be great for quick flavoring needs.

Let me know if samples are wanted


@amovapeteam Hey, I’m a home ejuice maker, but I am unfamiliar with your product line. You are selling flavor concentrates ??


Yes! I’m with @SessionDrummer! Please give me more info! :grin: And samples are always appreciated!


Always would l or to know more and give it a shot.


iirc it was @Leilani who did some testing of Amoretti flavorings, used mostly in baking/candy making and again “iirc” so perhaps they have warnings of vapeability? merely thoughts as a bit search lazy atm, i am allowed that once in a while?


This post is from a while ago… I’m not familiar with the E-Juice home makers line. I know @Amy2 still use some of the old flavors.


HI SessionDrummer and All
we have been in the E-Juice side of things for 4 years now,

Are home use pack size will be in the .5oz instead of are normal 2oz pack size,
Its been difficult to explain to people who bu .5 oz for $5 or 6$ and then say are 2Oz bottle for $25 is too much, So we are going to make it eaiser with just doing a .5oz bottle line,

Normally we don’t advertise to the market because the companies working with us enjoy it that way, but its not fair to not share access to Natural Flavors and keep over populating the Market with Artificial Flavors and calling it safe


Thks for picking up my slack. Re reading that thread and hopefully after 3 years they have more transparency and sorted out which vapeable product samples they will be sending out. Thks @amovapeteam for the offer!


We are used to the metric system here. Just say 30ml. :blush:
I make juice at home, but I’m not a homemaker.


Thank you @worm1

Thank you @Pro_Vapes, glad to see you kicking around.

Thank you very much @amovapeteam for your insights.


I would love a sample!


please for sample request go to

Pick out 5 flavors and inbox me with your delivery address and name
thank you


please for sample request go to

Pick out 5 flavors and inbox me with your delivery address and name
thank you


404 baby but i assume any water soluble flavor is an option?


I just pm’d him with my info lets see if it works…fingers crossed they have some awesome sounding extracts!


New catalog since @Leilani linked in previous thread and water solubles now start on page 42 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1143/3886/files/BR1002-Amoretti-Product-Catalog-NP.pdf?1420829860342002644


not sure why i did all that work…https://amoretti.com/collections/extracts


Nice stuff but it looks kind of pricey minimum of 2 oz…oh I see in previous posts they will have a 30 ml for sale?


Yep… I’m an avid lurker these days.


@DarkJester89 https://amoretti.com/collections/extracts/products/potato-extract-ws