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Amoretti Home User Line


since you got yours I was hoping mine come in today… maybe tomorrow.

how’s the other flavors pumpkin pie, vanilla butter and the wild strawberry.


apple pie thanks for reminding me I need to make some up .

ill have to add this to my list to try once you have the smaller sizes available


The wild starwberry at 5pct taste good it is VG base so im letting them sit , the pumpkin pie smells heavenly but havent vaped yet

Vanilla butter has an interesting smell , ill vape all tmrw and let you know


sounds good to bad I don’t have any whip cream … always liked whip cream on my pumpkin pie.


My Smores Clone Is awesome still needs tweaking …one week steep. The flavor is almost there :slight_smile:


Hi guys. I just saw this thread. When I first got Amoretti, I believe it was Ken O’Where who recommended to give them a shot. Out of the few I have, I have like them all. I tested their WS flavors:

  • Guanabana #558
  • Heavy Cream #1006
  • Natural French Vanilla #1267
  • Natural Tres Leches #1265
  • Sweet Potato #615

My favorite has to be their Heavy Cream. It is by far the richest, densest and creamiest cream I have ever tasted.


From what i tried they do a good job ( as long as they are suitable for vaping )


From the information I was provided by Amy, Ken, and the representative I talked to at Amoretti (Paul and Terence) at the time - the W.S are suitable for vaping. The other ones listed on their site, I believe not. I didn’t look into it more or request for their SDS sheets.


as most of us requested but seems we are not receiving


We have found a few WS with salt , fructose and corn syrup etc so be careful to look at the ingrediants they do have it on the labels …


still waiting on the samples to arrive


Maybe i was wrong , maybe the ones sent that had the salt and stuff werent WS ooops


@worm1 - Interesting! @fidalgo_vapes - :neutral_face::no_mouth: I will look at my labels. I really never questioned the ones I received after I was given the okay for vaping.


when the shit dont wann pull up a pipette it makes u wonder. Welcome back? btw, havent seen u lately


The ones i received are all okay either VG , PG or Alcohol based there is a pic of them from a couple days ago , so far im liking the key lime and wild strawberry , i did get the heacy cream but am letting it sit


Shes big timing over on you tube … Check her out on mixin vixins , and freshs show … @Leilani nice plug for ya huh :wink:


@worm1 - Lo’d have mercy. And thank you. I have peeping to read but I haven’t commented much. I teach and the kids got me working at school and double duty at home. I have been guesting on a few DIY shows on Youtube and doing SFTing…lots. How you been?

@fidalgo_vapes - Nice. I need to pick up a few more flavors. I will go for their Wild SB and for other VG, PG ones. I couldn’t afford to buy them when they offered only the 2oz size = paid on a Friday, broke by Sunday type of $$$. I think you will really like the Heavy Cream.


LOL. Thanks for the plug Fidalgo. You gotta come on sometime and do a guest appearance. I know everyone will love your commentary. I only come on when needed. After this Sunday’s show I’ll be doing my disappearing act and I’ll be in chat.


I like watching … Who knows maybe one day … Fresh lives in the same area maybe ill stock him first lmao jk


One day better come soon :face_with_raised_eyebrow: