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An attemp at an original recipe


I just mixed a test batch of this. This my second attempt at an original recipe any comments or advice would be most welcome


Hey Momma!
So how’s it look to you?


Looks great! But I only have two of those flavors so… I’m not of much help. Lol


Butterscotch has been on my mind lately, I have a butterscotch donut in the works. :yum:


Ah gotcha I mixed the crap out of it waiting for the bubbles to clear up then gonna vape a little to test it I know the creams and custard in it need a week or two to steep smells good


I always vape everything right away unless it stinks!


I love anything butterscotch when you get worked out send me the recipe if you wouldn’t mind!


Can do! :+1:


LOL … I hope it don’t stink that would be discouraging


Awesome thanks!


Not a prob, dude!


Hey @Steve-o_54, here’s that recipe I was talking about. I just made it public this morning. The butterscotch is light but it’s there, it could be punched up a bit but I’m really liking the final result. Its kind of like a donut with a light butterscotch glaze. Reminds me of the donuts my grandma used to make at the cafe where she worked.


Thanks I am going to be mixing today going to mix this up