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An original I just created


I’m trying to get more into creating my own recipes
I would appreciate any comments / suggestions before I mix this up


Just curious why the odd percentages? I save that for when I’m really fine tuning! Definitely would lower the sucralose as well but that’s up to you if you wanna taste your recipe I recommend only .25-.5./. it should be plenty sweet but you can always add in more after mix drop by drop but you can’t take it away very easily! This is just my thought you do as you please! Looks like a peaches and cream type mix, but just seeing your mix my version might look something like this; tres leche 2./. Sugar cookie 2./. , peaches and cream 5./. , cheesecake 3./. Apricot 3./. Sucralose.5./. Then test after a week then two then adjust from there. Hope this is helpful have fun and welcome to the club @Steve-o_54 other than that it does look like it’ll be a tasty mix!


I got those odd% numbers from the calculator it was at like 18% so I used the "adjust flavor total %" feature to get it down to a 15% total and that’s how it came out and I will adjust my %s to your recommendations thank you very much for the input I appreciate it!


Ahh that makes perfect sense lol I was like wuhhht! Didn’t even think about that! Lmk how it comes out!


lol… well I just re- wrote my recipe in accordance with your recommendations gonna go mix it up later tonight and soon as it steeps a little and tastes like juice I’ll vape it and get back to you!


Awesome man I look forward to it! I hope It’s good lol jk it should be pretty decent! With some experience you’ll be making sweet mixes in no time!


Right on Brother thanks !


Anytime @Steve-o_54


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If you want a personal insight of that recipe, I’d add a Tart taste like “Sour” or AP by 0.5% (looks like is missing), lower the Apricot to 3% (4% is rather high…) on the whole at 4% TPA Apricot, might give you that chemical taste… and increase the Sugar Cookie up to 2% (Better still straight Cookie FA or similar) add a creamy bit to get that Peach Melba Taste… to your taste… to get that Peachy in the title… But it’s just how I’d do it… Well done and good idea, love that NY touch to it!


Hey Frank
Thanks for your suggestions I don’t have the Tart but I will get some I do have AP and I like the sugar cookie at 2 % great idea!
Thanks again,