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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


I think wifey wants another pet, not sure if we’ll end up with a cat or a dog as of yet but I’m happy either way.


This is Chiko! 1 year old



I lost Monty in June, she was going on 20 and I haven’t been very happy ever since. I still have three cats but a cat is not a dog.

Today I have a big grin on my face. This is Fudge, she is a chocolate brown Labrador and was born on my birthday, August 6 and isn’t she cute.


Sorry for your loss and happy for your gain. That’s a cute pup and probably pretty smart. Labs are the smartest dogs I’ve ever had.
I lost my baby Blue last month (my icon pic) and it broke my heart.


Aww, and he looked so cute too. :cry: Sorry about that man.

This one is a menace, a smart menace :grin:


Chuck and Gracie. Found them malnourished and fleabitten. They are 2 years old now. They joined three other cats.


That’s how my wife found me too. Now I’m only fleabitten.


@Josephine_van_Rijn I know exactly how you felt and now feel. This is Oso

I lost him on the 4th Of August this year. He left a hole in my heart soooo big. But These two do their best to fill it up. I’ll always love my little guy but I just love these two to pieces

This is Shadow, she’s the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Already using the computer at 10 weeks old.
jax24 jax24
This is Mr. Jax

And here are both of them the day after Jax was clipped he wasn’t very happy at all.


Oh, they are too cute, I’m so happy for you :star_struck:


It’s so funny mom and dad are well as far as you can see pure chihuahua’s yet neither of them look like mom or dad at all. Jax is about twice Shadow’s size and looks more like a cross between a Jack Russel and a Pitbull. Shadow is just little and cute lol


Yep he’s got it rough and he hates me!


Fur babies would rather play with box too.


Your cat trap is working well!


We have a homestead hobby farm.
4 children, dog & cat, 23 fish, indoor animals.
2 rabbits, 8 goats, 9 ducks & about 80 chickens. Outdoor animals.
2 or 3 pigs in the works for the upcoming spring season. I’m actively resisting the family lobby for cows. My kids have already named cows we don’t yet have. Betsy, Stew & Serloin


Betsy is obviously the one intended for transportation! :wink:

(that’s what many folks named their vehicle when I was growing up lol)


ROAR @d_fabes


Kids naming Betsy the milk cow. They really have no clue what it takes to have to milk one twice a day. I suspect Betsy’s name will change to Ground Round in short order…
Never considered the transportation aspect. Pray I’m never reduced to using an ox cart to get around. Lol




Two out of three boys are quite happy in that shot! :laughing: