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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


I am so sorry :cry:


Thanks so much, Coco has always been such a sweet little girl. if she hadn’t gotten so grey in the face you would swear she’s still a puppy the way she’s been acting the last few days. We love her so much.


Very sorry to hear that as well @GPC2012


That there looks like a dog that will put up with ABSOLUTELY ZERO BULLSHIT!


In the kitchen he’s a bit of a jerk, even though we’ve been good about not letting him have any human food. He’s just protecting his mama. The rest of the time he’s a loving, cuddly, bumbling oaf…but does a good job protecting the small humans and the house. He’s been a great addition to the family and we couldn’t be happier.


His name Rocky but that didn’t stick anyone remember the end of the tv show in the 80s. "Sit boo boo sit good dog."
So Boo Boo stuck😉


You gave me a little jolt there, back to the 80’s! I remember that well!! Cute pup…


You even found it on youtube.:joy:


I remember it so I just Google-Fu’ed ‘sit ubu sit good dog’. Man, to be a teenager again. Wait, what the hell am I saying? Cute pup man!


So my memory changed the words just like it was a song.


Congrats) We need pics…)


We lost our little Coco last night, she went peacefully in her sleep. We’re gonna miss her. She was the grandma dog at our house and such a sweet little thing.


Sorry to hear about you loss. It’s never easy.


Sorry to hear that mate as Chris said never easy.