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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


You gave me a little jolt there, back to the 80’s! I remember that well!! Cute pup…


You even found it on youtube.:joy:


I remember it so I just Google-Fu’ed ‘sit ubu sit good dog’. Man, to be a teenager again. Wait, what the hell am I saying? Cute pup man!


So my memory changed the words just like it was a song.


Congrats) We need pics…)


We lost our little Coco last night, she went peacefully in her sleep. We’re gonna miss her. She was the grandma dog at our house and such a sweet little thing.


Sorry to hear about you loss. It’s never easy.


Sorry to hear that mate as Chris said never easy.


I’m back and so is Kerry with a new selfie!

And my condolences to GPC2012 for your loss. :cry:


Sorry for your loss, GPC2012 . :frowning:

Welcome back RobQ !!


Very sorry about that brother.


I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s hard to say goodbye to a pet.
I’ve lost six in the last six years and it doesn’t get any easier.

These are the four I’ve got left.
The dog used to be jet-black but she’s getting more and more grey. The vet thinks she’s around 19 now.
If she lives any longer I will end up with a white dog.


We’ve lost three in the last 6 months. Grandma Coco just now, Lil Bit and CK two of her grand children the only one we have left is OSO her last born son.

This is my precious boy Oso, and he has congestive heart failure. We gave up having a steak and a roast or some other form of beef a month plus tightened the best to be able to keep him on his meds. And worth every penny of it.


Had a haircut. Biggest sook for days following.


Our pets are family, sometimes I love them more than some of my real family, ( it’s a big one though), they will always hold a place in our hearts, and will never be forgotten, We really love our :dog2: 's and :cat2: I even shed tears when raccoons got our koi fish we had for 8 years, I am guessing that’s who got them because I trapped and released 4 of them from my yard in the day’s following. I felt a little better doing it in a more humane way than I was initially thinking. We have a cat working on a world record of 28 years old now and I have been trying to prepare for the inevitable for the last few years, but he is as spiteful and awnery as ever, anyway I am sorry, and feel for your loss.


Wow 28, you beat my cat I had growing up she lived to be 25. And boy do I understand about caring for them more than some real family members.


Dinner inside tonight. Mum is at work.


@GPC2012 I don’t know any other way …


I think Kerry is in heat. Yeah, I know she’s been spayed and that makes no sense. But when she had her procedure done they could only find one ovary. They did some exploratory surgery to try and find it, but had no luck. So we all thought she was just born with one. Now I’m not sure.

I couldn’t get through to the vet today…which is understandable, they are a small operation…so I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.


I hope you can get through. I love cats so much, but cats in heat are a PITA. I actually hope that heat is not the issue and that she won’t have to be operated on again. The poor thing!