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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


We are heading down the path of petting zoo too. Dog, pig, cat, kids, and mother in law. All I need new is a barn.


What is a puttum?


What is a budgie?


A variation of putty cat.


I probably should’ve known that but in my defense, my wife is the cat person, not I. If I let her, she would be one of those ladies that has 15 cats.


It is a parakeet (I think)


This is Sonny the budgie sat on my head :grin:


Even though I got the movie reference, my first thought was deuce because it shits everywhere.


I don’t have pets or furry friends. I have my 2 girls though :grin:


Love the pig name, that’s awesome! Dated a girl with a pot bellied pig for a time (she had the pig, not me and the pig dating the girl together. That would be weird.). The pig’s name was Persephone and she ruled the entire household, including a 200lb Mastiff.
Now I have a black lab, Boston terrier and a good old American terrier mutt.


Actually, he hasn’t shit in the house once. An amazing feat considering he’s only six weeks old. Even outside, he has one spot where he shits every single time.


I can’t resist. These are my two very best friends…mrpipes and Kiah.I wouldn’t take all the tea in China for either one of them.


Sleepy dog photo-bomb/selfie. She was sleeping, I owed her one (or 100) lol.


Two older cats, Little Foot and Beana. Neighborhood stray kittens. One dog, Emma (Emma Lou when she acts up), rescue. My Em is the smallest, yet somehow rules the house. lol


What happens on a warm night and the doors are open - and you forgot the horses were in the home paddock? You get a visit lol.


That’s actually pretty cool @woftam
Is he/she housebroken ? Either one of the small horses? :laughing:


:laughing: One is. First time she has been inside, the door was open so she decided to have a sticky beak - no accidents so that was good.


It’s always good to get a new house pet :grin:


Pigs in a blanket!


This is my Ellie Mae. She’s just a tiny little 140 pound bloodhound.