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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


Our golden retriever was recovering from a surgery a few years and decided to pull her stint part way out. Now imagine (if you will) three adults trying to call the vet, subdue a bleeding dog and then finish what she started once we got the go ahead from the vet. I can tell you one thing for sure, the medical grade tape they use on those things really sticks to fur (even shaved). I nearly passed out trying to help. Blood all over us and the kitchen floor. One very confused dog. She was fine though afterwards (better then me)


Re-post, we just have a small pride of monkeys…


Brat 1 on the left is Sammy the Siberian Husky. Brat 2 on the right is Idgy, a Husky Pitt mix.


Man I love huskies.


Here’s a pic of my girls since I finally logged in on my phone.


They’re so pretty!!! I had a flame-point Siamese when I was a teenager. His name was Tyler. I miss that cat!


Here’s our “husky mix” that looks nothing like a husky. He’s got the bark/talking thing down though!

Domino, aka Dummy or Dummy-nose.


The eyes are the gateway to the…they say so much.:heart_eyes:


He’s one of the most loving animals we’ve ever had. Technically, we’re dog sitting, but they never came back for him. We’ve had him for 6+ years now. He’s a keeper for sure!


We lost our littlest Chihuahua LilBit yesterday, she had a brain tumor and was having seizures so our vet put her to sleep. Her housemates Oso and Coco keep walking all over the house looking for her. Wifey can’t stop crying and I’m looking for someone to cross me so I can beat hell out of them. She was so loved, a little dog that seemed to be autistic, was always a bit strange but for 14 years she was our baby


My wee cockapoo, Kookie Kandy, is my profile pic.


My dog just died yesterday he was a Lhasa -Poodle mix he would have been15 in 2 weeks sux



Sorry for your losses @GPC2012 & @Steve-o_54. :cry:


Thanks Molly I appreciate that


I lost one yesterday too sorry for your loss


Just got back from the cruise yesterday. The little one was pissed at us for about an hour. I kinda expected that. She hasn’t been without her humans for more than a day. Sara looked at us with this “I must be loosing it” look. This was our first time taking a cruise over 7 days.

Well, here’s a pic of some critters I ran into at Barbados…I think.

And my condolences to @GPC2012 and @Steve-o_54.


Feels like losing a child to us. So sorry for your loss too


Thanks you I appreciate it


Same here @GPC2012, very sorry for your loss.


Remy and Novi