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Another City banning flavors ( maybe )


Shame on Chicago and its leaders , at least let the people vote

Chicago Proposes An E-Liquid Flavor Ban

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Your heading should have read “Another city proposing to ban flavors”.

They’re only (proposing) banning the selling flavored e-juice. DIYing and vaping nice flavors won’t be affected.

They’ll probably say its all about the kids! Makes you think they want Chicago kids to use tobacco flavored e-cigs as a gateway to cheaper real cigarettes (followed later by a horrible slow death).


Chicago has WAAAAAY more things to worry about. It’s laughable that they would think they need to protect anyone from vaping.


While it is not a trend I like to see…
I ask …Who is buying vape juice in Chicago?

With the various taxes to be paid there it can cost $15-20 (or more) per 30ml bottle …Just In Taxes!