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Any Body get their BOAZ RDA yet?


I ordered this as a pre-order back in December, just cause it was a sale and looked interesting, they said a few weeks, it has almost been a month and I can’t wait to coil it up and give it a shot. I am hoping they get this out soon. I really don’t order pre-orders that often but this one got me. And being early was hoping for a low # if they are at all. I have thought of cancelling just because by the time they get it to me it will be outdated, if not already with a velocity style deck and all.


It looks very similar a number of RDAs that’s already out. Even less than some newer RDAs with the 2 post design… only in a gold tone.


Yes it does, It was some what of a impulse buy for me, Just hoping it was worth the wait, I really like their wire after trying it. so I figured I would give this a shot, I will post back with my thoughts when I get it.


Well It was supposed to ship by Friday, Jan. 19. Still waiting for it I thought getting in on one of the first orders I would have got it by now. I should know by now never pre-order anything.