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Any Body get their BOAZ RDA yet?


I ordered this as a pre-order back in December, just cause it was a sale and looked interesting, they said a few weeks, it has almost been a month and I can’t wait to coil it up and give it a shot. I am hoping they get this out soon. I really don’t order pre-orders that often but this one got me. And being early was hoping for a low # if they are at all. I have thought of cancelling just because by the time they get it to me it will be outdated, if not already with a velocity style deck and all.


It looks very similar a number of RDAs that’s already out. Even less than some newer RDAs with the 2 post design… only in a gold tone.


Yes it does, It was some what of a impulse buy for me, Just hoping it was worth the wait, I really like their wire after trying it. so I figured I would give this a shot, I will post back with my thoughts when I get it.


Well It was supposed to ship by Friday, Jan. 19. Still waiting for it I thought getting in on one of the first orders I would have got it by now. I should know by now never pre-order anything.


I was actually interested in the Boaz as well, would be my first interest after the Goon, which I have essentially stuck with for a good while now. Maybe Stuart can give an ETA, you should hit him up, he’s always rather helpful.


I will wait for their Jachin RDA to complete the set.


Well it finally got here today. The tolerance’s on it were pretty tight a first but after coiling and juicing it up, almost perfect nice snug fit. It came nicely presented with extra o-rings, grubs, squonk pin, decent hex screwdriver, and a extra black drip tip, It has a pretty cool glow in the dark drip tip, nice bore a standard 810, The only things that I think were missing was a 510 drip tip adapter, and a regular flat head screw driver to change out the pin, but like most of us we have a thousand little screwdrivers any way. But the real cool thing is they included 10 great S.S. Framed Staple coils 3.5 id 8 wrap, with a small piece of good cotton, pretty sure this was just for the pre-orders, but the box had a nice cut-out just for the round coil case. I put a set of these coils in it and it was at .10 ohm. I left in the solid pin so I could try this out with the higher power mods, just because you need at least 90- 100 watts to get these bad ass coils to start lighting up, and yes they fit a little tight with the monster coils. and with these coils at those temps it does get pretty hot, but the airflow is indeed very nice for my taste, single or dual, very smooth, domed top cap. I am getting great flavor. When I take these coils out, I am going to tone it down on the next set and try it in squonk mode. It is not a super deep deck but it seals nice, so its not leaky, It does have a pretty standard velocity deck, but the grubs seem to be pretty sturdy and had no problem with fitting the massive coils they sent with it. I got the Black and looks to be anodized, at least not paint that would melt off. with a very non-discript AV logo etched in it, Yes I think it is a win. I think it will be my new flavor tester in single coil mode, and will be in my top 5 RTA’S, along with my Goon,Wasp nano,Dead Rabbit, even though I am more of a RTDA, RTA, carrier for the most part. Now I get that there is nothing groundbreaking here as far a design goes, but they did it well.