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Any experience with CBD?


Nice info. But. cannabis still isn’t legal in Britain, you know.? just CBD, so that limits my options somewhat.

And actually I’m still hoping-against-hope that i don’t wind up having to DIY it, cos I can be very twitchy sometimes. I know, i know I’m already DIY-ing (but only on “good” days) so what’s one more little thing?

Hmm. well, Rabbit holes are one thing, but I feel like I’m staring at a whole rabbit warren , now :rofl: I don’t think my “good” days are gonna be long enough.


What I do with my isolate is put the whole gram in a beaker then add the PG up to the 10 mil mark. I warm in a shallow dish of warm water then mix with a pipette. Now I’ve got 10 mils with 100mg of isolate per mil. My vape juice is 65/35 and I mix 30 mils at a time. The dosage that works for me in a vape is 7mg/ml which is roughly 200mg in the 30mil bottle. This is the recipe I spike.

All I have to do is when I’m adding the PG to this recipe, start out with 2 mils of my CBD, then finish off with 8.42g of regular PG. This is as close to accurate as I’m able to get without a science lab.

And no, no THC honest! :rofl:

EDIT: The fourth time I made this, the CBD recrystallized in the mix no matter how I warmed, rewarmed and shook the hell out of it. After examining my methods with the previous three batches and scouring the internet, I found the problem. My math on the previous batches was off, giving me roughly a 58vg/42pg ratio. My fourth batch was more accurate to my 65/35 norm. CBD needs at least 60/40 to stay dissolved.


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It’s the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which means he likely drove passed my neighborhood on the way. I thought that fog bank smelled suspiciously of custard. :thinking::grin:



Eu, greece


I use CBD daily and it helps me more than any medication ever could! I use it for stress, anxiety, emotional clarity and calming, for helping with my tremors, twitching and muscle spasms.

Edibles are good to have on hand for a really rough day, they help a lot and while not cheap, knowing I have a pack of gummies (at 25mg per piece) to eat when needed is reassuring. I use them as my “emergency” relief.

Making your own CBD juice is easy. If you can mix, you can make it! Also, most CBD isolate does not dissolve in water. It needs to dissolve in PG as far as I know. There are water soluble isolate types out there, but I am not familiar with them at all, if they are hard to find or cost more. I have not run into them myself.

@robin has been very helpful to me, she knows more than I do. But I thought sharing my experience with CBD could help some of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for saying this! I hadn’t tried it with water so hopefully no one else did either before you posted. :+1:


No Problem!


I’ve been thinking about trying cbd to help provide relief for sciatica. I think I’ll give it a try. If/when I get the juice, is it safe for an rda? Or do I need to get one of those little pen like devices?


I mix my own cbd vape from isolates and use it in a rta mainly but all cbd mixes I have seen will work great in an rda.
I bought a Kandy Pens Gravity model thinking the isolates would work more efficiently in a wax type pen setup.I found for my needs , anxiety , that the best results were from the isolate being mixed with a PG/VG mixture and vaped in my regular rta/rda setup.


For that vaping CBD might not be the best option. I use the vape for anxiety related issues and then an oral liquid that has ll the other good and beneficial cannabinoids, several of those also help with inflammation based pain. Im not saying that it will not work for you but my personal experience and reading the reports of others strongly support using an oral product for that kind of issue.

I also bring a little vape with me when i do strenuous things, it does work as a touch up for when things get a little painful.

So good to see you. :slight_smile:

I used to run mine through an Aeromamizer, now i use one of them slim AIO’s by Joytech. It has worked out pretty well for me.


Thank you , my world is now back on axis so fair warning …:laughing:

I have noticed the AIO setup is very popular for cbd isolate use with my friends. I tried to vape unmixed isolate in a personal wax pen but I felt that it was a waste.I now use a 1000mg mix in a Goblin mini V3 with a Dna 75 mod and could not be happier.I found about a .250 ohm build at about 45 watts to be great for me.


Welcome back! :facepunch:


I use the lingual drops myself and curious about vaping cbd… Does the cbd isolate have a particular taste that affects your juices is any way?


Pure plain isolate doesn’t have much of a taste at all imo.I don’t think it would change the flavor profile much at all in a flavored juice. I tried some isolate strains that had the terps left in such as Jack Herer , Tangie Og , Ghost train haze etc. and they will definitely have a strong flavor and aroma. Jack Herer especially will taste and smell like Pine Sol.
I now have gone back to using the pure isolates with the terps removed because it is cheaper and for me the medicinal aspects seem to be more repeatable.


Awesome. thanks for the heads up.


You have been asked about a lot so there will be many happy people to see you return, myself included. :slight_smile:

Which do you use? Ive been a very big fan of Bluebird Botanical Classic. I generally buy an 8 oz then add a gram more isolate to it.

As BoyHowdy said it doesnt have much taste at all. I have a bottle of Sugar Rush mixed with nic and another with CBD, i cant really tell the apart.

BUT, one can buy isolate with terpenes, this will dramatically alter this taste.


My brother introduced me to cbdpure.com they have great customer service and they have a subscription service option that saves a lot off the price. Every two months I receive 2 bottles.


Everything seems to be on the up and up with that site, lab reports and what not. They are a bit on the pricey side tho. One of the reason i went with Bluebird originally is that they planned to switch from EU grown hemp to US grown, and they have. All of their hemp is grown in Kentucky. This brought down the price quite a bit. I usually wait for a sale to hit and grab to 8oz bottles: https://bluebirdbotanicals.com/product/classic-hemp-cbd-oil/