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Any experience with CBD?


Prices are a bit higher for sure . With the subscription service I get 2 bottles of the 600 and it comes out to $105 with shipping. So not bad really especially for that strength.


Im too tired to math right now but ill so some more investigating a bit later.


I am still using the Blue bird as well , I would love to hear more about adding isolates to the bottle.I would love to buy the 250mg and add my own isolate , that would be a huge savings for me.
I usually buy the 250mg for them and a bottle of 500mg for me.


I just dump it in the bottle. Last time i ordered from BB they sent two 4oz bottles instead of an 8oz bottle so i added a gram of isolate to each. Then i shake the hold crap out of it for a couple days to make sure it is fully homogenized.

Getting the isolate from CBDistillery then adding it to the BB stuff really lowers the cost but at the same time you get fewer of the other cannabinoids, if one cuts the dosage in half as i do.


Just got home from the vape shop with some koi cbd. Wanted to see how it was. Will report my findings.


Did a little digging, they seem legit and tho the testing lab, SCL, is relatively new i have heard of it and seen them used by others in the industry.



There has been an uptick in general interest on the whole entourage effects of Cannabis in general and both the THC side and the CBD side are experimenting with the full range of terps.

A little digging on the SDS pages will reveal the 20 or so most common used terps and the percentages. It’s partly available from the perfume side of TPA and more digging showed the most common terps are food grade from TPA.


:heart_eyes_cat: I’m defiantly looking into this!


I did loads of research inti what temperature you should vape it at, then loads more reseach in temperature generated by hardwere…andd just wound up confused! and extremely reluctant to invest in specialist products.

I eventually wound up using an Aspire PockEx AIO for my CBD . Does the job nicely, IMO :slight_smile:

One thing…if you’re even a fraction as absent minded as myself, it pays to make your CBD kit radically differet in appearance from your everyday kit. Oh! and the flavour (if you get flavoured CBD juice) should be radically different from your everyday flavour (s)

I wound up getting more of those PockExes… in a different colour from my CBD vape pen. And yet I’ve still caught myself chuffing away ar the CBD by mistake and thinking "WTF flavour is this? Huh. Yet another failed experiment " :laughing:


I actually got started on vaping to 1. Quits smoking and 2. Vape CBD. I have a medical marijuana card in MA due to a chronic illness but I intensely dislike THC and only wanted the CBD of the marijuana plant. The CBD most people buy is from the hemp plant.

I purchased some medicinal type CBD which can only be bought at a marijuana dispensary at 500 mgs and honestly it did absolutely nothing for me. Now my roommate swears by it but all I know it doesn’t alleviate any pain whatsoever.

I also tried Medicinal quality CBD tinctures and capsules which also did absolutely nothing as well.

So if it works for you that’s great :+1:t3:



I also did not experience much relief at 250mg but luckily that changed at 500mg.I often hear others talk about how the CBD will make them very sleepy if they over medicate.Myself I use a 500mg lingual tincture of 15 drops in the morning and before bed. I also carry a vape of 1000mg and probably use about 1 - 5 ml of that daily.I have never felt as though I could take enough to make me dizzy or sleepy.That is good because I operate some machinery that requires my attention.
I can honestly say that it was great for my anxiety but I don’t feel much pain relief for those times when my back acts up.
I will say that for intense pain I have better luck keeping it controlled with another herbal supplement called kratom. It is legal in some areas and not in others so please check into that if you decide to give it a try.It was the only thing that could replace the powerful opioids that I was being prescribed.
I don’t want to get off topic because kratom is not a vape but if you would like to know more just send me a p.m.


My friend used holy turp for a suspender. And make juice mixed with weed or hash oil.


Have you heard any news from Bluebird Botanical lately? I ordered 8 ounces of the 250mg and was going to try and add my own isolate per your instructions.Order came in today, it was four 2 ounce bottles.No problem , I will just add a 500mg to each bottle simple enough.
I grab a bottle and do my regular dose and leave for work.Knowing that my usual dose is 500mg twice daily I take another dose about three hours later on my break.
After about 15 minutes I am thinking wow I am feeling a little more chillaxed than usual.I read the small print on the bottle and it is indeed 500mg.
I get home and go to their website and I check my order and I did indeed order the 250mg.I also looked and they no longer offer anything other than a 250mg and a 1500mg?
IDK but it may be a great time to stock up.$139.00 for 8 ounces of 500mg is a bargain.:tada:


They do sell higher concentrations but it is a different line. I went and checked my last order and they sent me 4X2oz bottles too so i was wrong about that. I dumped it all into an 8oz bottle and added the isolate then use one of the 2oz bottles for everyday use.

I wish they would get on board with Paypal…


I am still scratching me head on paying for 250mg and getting 500mg sent to me.I can confirm that it is stronger as I carried two bottles to my relative and he had to cut his normal dosage in half.
How about CBDistillery , you still happy with their isolates.I am still using phyto until my supply runs out.
More and more are dropping PayPal it seems , I keep reading of PayPal freezing their accounts.


This should be illegal, over the years i have seen them freeze accounts with next to no recourse. At least now they listen, kind of.

Yep, still use it regularly. Phyto is a great company too but both suck at customer service for some reason.


Got some of this yesterday. It’s priced a bit on the high side but I got a gram during a sale for $48 and free shipping. It’s very effective and I will be purchasing more. The taste is amazing but their description seems to be way off which I am perfectly okay with. It has an amazing flavor. The linalool is definitely the star of the show, it tastes like a very light lavender vanilla with the slightest hint of pine from the alpha pinene. Mixed at 60/40 300mg in a 30ml bottle it’s smooth as silk. If I could vape this exact flavor exclusively I think I could give up my custards.

My only problem aside from price is their test results are outdated. They assured me they are working on testing now and should have updated info within 2-3 weeks.


I just ordered CBD vape oil from bluebird botanicals.com I am so excited after reading the reviews. I also ordered a CBD vape pen off of eBay for like six bucks, having bad luck with coils in both my tanks right now and don’t want to chance losing a single health benefit from my new medicine.


Are you mixing CBD isolate with PG or PeG? Have you mixed with PeG as you would for cannabis wax? and Would PeG make mixing with VG any easier possibly better then DW?


Ive had great results with it and have been mixing it for about 4 years. I use my own CBD unflavored and make pretty much what ever anyone wants. Its a great bonus for people wanting to quit smoking.