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Any idea about this study!


after greeting ,
just I want to know is it true ?!



Not concerned is my idea.

Consider the following: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199308053290619#t=article

kinda adds perspective to my way of thinking.


Sure, you give nicotine to someone that doesn’t use it on a regular basis and act like you discoverd that nicotine increased there heart rate! It’s amazing!


They fail to tell people that cigarettes have far greater negative effects on cardio than Ecigarettes. Take it from someone who had to use High blood pressure medicine when I used to smoke and once off the analogs I became dizzy from taking my high blood pressure meds because my blood pressure was way too low. Off High blood pressure medicine for quite some time now thanks to vaping…


There are some positives that can be taken out of this study. None-nicotine liquid poses absolutely no cardiac risks :slight_smile:

All the rest is just meh, nothing new. E-cigarettes are tobacco cessation products, meaning they are meant for people who are already getting their daily nicotine dose in a very unhealthy way. What vaping does, is taking away all the other bad stuff and any of these tests should be compared to tobacco smoking for a reference. Non-smoking people or people who do not already consume nicotine in one way or another are only used for scare-tactic results, nothing more, nothing less.

The effects of nicotine are already documented and known, these people were just wasting budgets for scientific purpose that could be used on useful things, like finding a cure for cancer, aids, Parkinson, dementia, … >sigh<


Just wondering, did you go out of your way to ask these questions when you were smoking tobacco, or did you just smoke no matter test results saying smoking will kill you?

People seem to make a much bigger deal of something that is much less damaging. It’s quite astonishing really :slight_smile:


I think it is fantastic news thanks for pointing it out ! Ive always been mostly concerned about vaping artificial flavorings but this makes me feel better about it. As far as nicotene, it is well established it affects the heart negatively over long term use no matter how it is ingested. This is awesome news !


My blood pressure was 143 over (something pretty high) when I smoked. Now only 5 or so months later its 126 over. I did quit drinking too but i credit e-cigs for the lions share of the improvement.


I smell Big Pharma and Big Tobacco… just saying, :grimacing:


I’ll sum up the entire study for you. They discovered that a stimulant (nicotine) momentarily increases blood pressure. It’s hardly an earth shattering eureka moment.


Ty, I did read it but it had a bunch of crap I didn’t fully understand but at the same time was very familiar. Imo, it’s just more negative press put out by BT & BP to try to cast a negative light on e cigs.


That’s exactly what it is, it’s a nonsense study with zero relevance.


Well to be fair, they did say that non-nicotine e-liquid is pretty much harmless and they’re just repeating what is already known about nicotine. So you could consider this a pretty positive study for the vaping industry :wink:


Is using an e-cigarette in healthy? Yes but I comparison with smoking no. Think of it like drinking flavored water against drinking whiskey all day long


Hmm sounds good - think that is a bad analogy :rofl:

Think of it like drinking flavored water against drinking toilet water


I prefer whiskey lol


I would question how accurate this study is considering that the method they used were on non smokers and non vapers. They would need to study active smoker vs active vapers. Then I would take this study more seriously
Methods and Results Thirty‐three healthy volunteers who were not current e‐cigarette or tobacco cigarette smokers were studied

At the end of the study this statement basically sums it all up
It is quite possible that e‐cigarettes may not have an acute effect on HRV in habitual e‐cigarette users, given that their SNA is already increased. In the present study, we enrolled only nonusers, but it would be of interest to repeat this acute exposure study in habitual e‐cigarette users.


It is a bunch of hoopla to say what we already know to be true , nicotine raises your heart rate and it can lead to other cardiac issues such as high blood pressure but mainly that is not from the actual nicotine it is from the narrowing of the arteries and veins in which our blood is pumping through. ( from the Tar or fatty diets )

All in all it is a semi positive article for vapers. I would of much rather seen it studied in actual real life cases where we vape a lot more than 1-2 puff over 1 minute.

It would be even better if it were a case study followed over the year vapers vs smokers w/ Dr.'s appt.s and cxr every 3-6 months then tell me the over all consensus
about vaping vs smoking.