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Any PC gamers here?


Ive been a PC gamer as long as I can remember. Was looking for fellow vapers who game. Im currently into Tom Clancy’s The Division, 7 Days to Die and Diablo 3. Playing D3 a lot eagerly awaiting the addition of the Necromancer.


Diablo III


I run a Clan for Pc mainly cod, Bf1 , Days of war and a few other games.


ran a 7dtd server for a bit.
mainly just play dayz and a bit of league atm.


Arma 3 and DCS (A10-C, Viggen). Used to play a lot of FPS before.


I’ve been on the fence about getting Diablo 3 since it came out. I want it… And then I’m not sure lol. But I need something new, I’m sick of GTA Online and Battlefield 4.


PC Gamer here for Fallout 4 and pc specific mods


hi guys, my mrs didn’t want a ps4 in our living room, so I built my own game pc he he.
I play gtav, assetto corsa, farcry4, styx master of shadows, and just got metro 2033 and last light redux.


Funny you should ask…

Started up, and ran a Pro PC Gaming Clan for many years. We specialized in most FPS, tournaments, ctf, tdm, etc. Started up right about the time Doom 3 came out, and were into everything from CSS, Quake, Quake Live, Quake Wars, D3, COD, BF2, and many more. I handled all the web design, servers, and most of the dbase work. Like having 4 full time jobs. Self supported, refused any/all endorsements and it was a blast. Had some pro players, level designers, g.artists, and it was a solid crew. Still talk to alot of my old clan members which were world wide, and miss hanging out with most of them. Not playing or competing anymore, and occasionally get in a few games.

Welcome to ELR Henry, you’re in good hands here. :slight_smile:


Lol I may game a bit in my office haha…


i’'ve been playing computer games since i was a kid… 17 years in online games industry to be exact… im 25 years old now. below are the games that i’ve addicted during these period…

Counter Strike 1.1 - 1.3
Counter Strike Global Offensive.
Dragon Nest
Dota 1
Dota 2
R.O.S.E Online.


I’ve always been a gamer.

I logged way too many hours in The Division the past year, and I just started playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands with two of my colleagues - haven’t played much yet.


Used to run Call of Duty II servers under the [FuN] clan name, still use the same username on forums [FuN]Cpt.Miller


Currently I am playing Nier: Automata on PC. Pretty cool and stylish. Some issues with frame rate.


I play Vega Conflict on Steam by Kixeye