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Any thoughts on ordering from Heaven Gifts?


Why withdraw?
Seems like a valid comment/complaint.

Or did it finally “mysteriously arrive?”


Whatever you buy put in your will. It may not arrive in your lifetime.


Really informative links! Thank you!!


Nope it didn’t get here yet. I just felt bad about complaining. Maybe should leave it tho?


Hey, I complained and it took me out of that giveaway, but it needed to be said. He asked!! :crazy_face:


Well if they cant locate the order I sure would be on them to ship the order again… I would not feel bad complaining either, you paid for something and need to receive it, period!
They do so many giveaways hell , paying customers need to come first imho

BTW, I ordered a month ago and haven’t heard a thing yet, but it was a back ordered item. I’ll have to stay on top of it and try not to forget lol


They sent me an email a little bit ago saying that they would refund my money if it wasn’t here by mid Jan. And if I do get the package that id be kind and pay them. And shipping would be on them then. So that was better. I got a response after a few days now of waiitng


They did! That dont seem fair to take u out of the comp over that. You think they wanna prove they can do better and this is just a fluke with me!


No, I wasn’t removed. I just knew I doomed my chances! :wink:


lol I highly doubt the forums are scoured and fixed hahaha


Glad you got a response and they will take care of this :slight_smile:


I know I’m so glad they say ill get a refund if its not here by a certain date. That gives me a little more hope in case its lost in la la land somewhere and I never get it or something.


I dont think ur doomed because its all computer generated. The comps are pretty fair around here :). When Heavens Gifts ships for comps it arrives really quick!!


I have used fasttech, 3avape and 3fvape in the past for rdas and tanks. No problems. Take time to arrive, I think 2-3 weeks, but I select recommended shipping method and is cheap. Satisfied so far. Still I have not ordered electronic devices. Lately I prefer myfreedomsmoke for that due to the excellent customer service and warranty. My 2 cents…


When you are the largest, you may be subject to cheap shots.


Or when you make sub standard gear you may be subject to get the shots you deserve


ah !i’m interested in how to argue one’s way out of duty fees. what’ts the argument? does it also aply to flavours? and is there any way out of the freaking VAT? Most often ,i t’s VAT had Customs hanging onto my psckages til i paid it. that’s with packages from the IUSA though (to Britain ) , Hmmm , probably a whole different kettle of fish .

I keep forgetting we Brits are in the minority. blush , but i’ll leave this question up, just in case!


I explained to them it was just like any regular shipment. After the fouth time or so explaining, they say ok, we’ll waive it THIS time…


Good linkage @woftam