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Any thoughts on ordering from Heaven Gifts?


Does anyone have any experience ordering from Heaven Gifts? I have been leery of ordering from a Chinese vendor, preferring to deal only with US vendors, but with the 30% xmas discount and 15% off of first order on HG, the cost of a new mod is not so bad. I am just wondering if anyone out there has had any issues with them. As they say, “if it is too good to be true, it usually is.”

Any issues with Chinese counterfeits from HG? Customer service issues? How long do packages take to arrive from China? Any issues with customs?


Not trying to cut down a vendor, but this is my HG experience… Over a year ago I got in on a pre-order sale, where the mod was like 30% off the regular price. It sat in pre-order for months; I watched stock and saw that it would go from in stock to out of stock but mine would never ship. I can only assume they filled regular price orders and ran out before they got to the back-ordered cheaper price folks. I ended up cancelling the order and actually, it took so long that I bought a new version mod instead. It was an iPV6x, which I found later was riddled with issues so it was for the best. But still, soured me on HG.

YMMV of course. This was my only interaction with them.


I know I was pulled into an HG giveaway currently going on here that I will now surely not win, but still, you asked…


I’ve ordered and won things from them several times. I haven’t ever had issues with counterfeits, never had any reasons to deal with CS, never had an issue with customs other than once (and the only issue was that it got held up for a while, I think it was about a week, maybe 10 days. Although whenever you’re ordering overseas remember that its always a possibility that you’ll get charged duty fees, and this has nothing to do with the vendor.). In regards to shipping speeds, DHL takes about a week, and epacket has taken anywhere from 2-5 weeks in my experience.


Thank you. That is the kind of thing I want to know before ordering. I would not even consider ordering from China if it weren’t for the prices with the 45% off. That said, they do take PayPal, so that is a plus.

I was just shocked when a DNA 250 mod I was looking at ($149 at US vendor) priced out at $82 at HG with the discounts.


Are you in the US?


I wouldn’t advise not ordering based on one person’s bad experience. I have read elsewhere that they are good, so this was probably just a one off. Maybe.


Yep. (10char)


Thank you…:grinning:


I’ve also found with the Chinese vendors, that e-packet generally sails through customs and doesn’t get you tagged with a duty fee (that you can argue your way out of by the way), but other shipping methods get snagged in the net quite easily.


I deal with a few chinese vendors on a regular basis and truth be told HG are the best in terms of shipping and customer service but the flip side of that is they are also the most expensive. I’ve never had an issue with HG…I’ve never really has any bad issues with any of them but some take longer than others.


Right now I’ve been waiting for a package from Heaven Gifts that was shipped November 19th! When I asked the to help me locate it they told me to contact the post office. The post office said its not in the states yet. So I replied to heavens gifts to ask them help me find out when I can expect it, because the tracking dont say anything). I emailed them this morning to let them know what the post office said and I’m waiting for a response.
Funny thing is that I ordered a product from the smok website and it came within 2 weeks. I like heavens gifts but I dont think I will put another order in with them as of now. I’m not meaning to cut down a vendor at all. This is just my own experience. I’m very disgruntled right now uggggh


I’ve never ordered from HG, but have from many Chinese vendors, including FasTech (which is really SLOWTech). I’m quoting another member specifically about FasTech in that you order, and it takes soo long to get it, when you do, it’s almost like surprise gift.

I’m sure there are good and bad, and reading above, it seems that placing orders for CRITICAL, or TIME SENSITIVE items, might not be a great idea. If you need it fast, in a hurry, stick to US vendors. If you’re re-stocking, adding to your stockpile, don’t need it right away, that would be different.


It may be somewwhat hit or miss but for me HG has been great, good prices, service, fast shipping considering the distance… My last e-packet was 12 days from day of order to my door. Couple of times to avoid though are the US holidays and Chinese New Year. I would not hesitate ordering vape gear again especially considering so much of it originates in China.


I’ve won one item from hg and it was to my door within 5 days shipped dhl. No issue.

I’ve ordered from 3fvape. I paid for dhl shipping to get it faster…no issue.

Personally I feel dhl shipping, although will cost you, helps with shipping times.

Others have noted. Be careful with preorders. Who knows when you will get it. And personally I only order things marked in stock or ready to ship. Anything with a wait time is begging for a delay. Buyer beware. But if you can wait…go for it.


Just received 5 lemo drops from them today. A buck a hit on black Friday. Obviously another thirteen bucks shipping, lol. Took just a few days short of a full month using USPS shipping. But they are all here. They were packed well. And they are the real deal. No issues.


No way to talk to someone so beware.
re: https://www.resellerratings.com/store/Heaven_Gifts
When dealing with a high volume foreign company, you the buyer are not important.
re: http://www.discountvapers.com/how-the-ecig-industry-works/


I’ve dealt with HG numerous times, their customer service is pretty darn good, when I had a problem they were quick to rectify and compensate, shipping can take a while but I don’t mind that


Excellent link, and something that everyone who’s never been involved in the financial side of business should read!!

I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to explain this over the years.

(though I obviously disagree with his/her assessment of Smok products…)


My items got shipped on Nov 16th and I have nothing still! I’ve contacted them and they cant seem to locate my shipment. I dont think ill ever order from them again :(. Maybe its just a fluke but its kinda soured me from them considering I spent like 80 bucks on this order.
I had a Christmas gift in there for a person and that kinda ruined it.