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Anybody have any experience with this?


Looking at picking one of these up. Been a minute since I’ve practiced the field and some of the specs are foreign to me. These were much simpler some time ago. Any thoughts?


Huge gap between 50Mhz and 200Mhz though. :wink:

All depends on the intended use as to what’s actually required though.

I wish I could help with the OP’s request, but I’m still running old analog Tektronix myself.


Hehe, me too. Some of my (very good ) equipment’s are so old they have ‘chicken head’ knobs lol.


@Sprkslfly and @mrpipes, Ya, now you’re talkin! That’s my era. I’m going to use it mainly for audio equipment although that is also all digital now. Everything I run is 48khz @ 24Bit but that really doesn’t tell me bus speeds. I’m sure the scope would work fine for just checking out vape equipment but that is a secondary purpose. Obviously audio once into analog signal would be no problem. Appreciate the posts though!!!


If audio is all you’re doing, even 20Mhz is fine.

The higher the better for things in the realm of high speed switching power supplies, RF (not the flavors…But the REAL meaning of RF Lol), and digital of course.

But I’m sure you already knew this. :wink:


I have no problem spending the four bucks for the unit I found, I just want to make sure it will work for a few things.


I do. and while I didn’t look at it -sorry- hacks are still hardware limited. (Very much like running ArcticFox. Added options, but the hardware is still the same)


What do you think pwm mods clock out at? I have no idea.


It has to vary (and highly I would imagine). Sadly I don’t have enough examples to know, or even offer a guess at the range.

I would definitely lean towards the 200Mhz capable though if it were my dollar, and that is what you are considering looking at.


Ya, I’ve bumped around a lot of modder chatter but it’s mostly just folks component matching. Not a lot of deep technical detail. I’m thinkin the 200 should be adequate. I’m not trying to monitor the pulse rise times on the front end buss of an i7.


Have you gotton a decent trace on any pwm units with the Tektronix?


Haven’t tried. Outside of satisfying “curiosity” (about how smooth the signal is, or is there some kind of interference affecting the signal) I can’t see any “reasonable” reason to “rebuild” or modify one of these devices. And that includes the well regarded DNA and YiHi type devices.

The risk to reward ratio just isn’t with it IMO. Besides the given that one assumes the liability for doing so…when you can replace a DNA board for $80 or whatever…Let’s say you didn’t have to invest money, and had all the test equipment needed: you still have disassembly, diagnosis, parts ordering, replacement, etc. and then still risk there being board damage into the second, third, etc layer, that you couldn’t see.

Sorry for the long wind.
But I don’t have that level of curiosity about these devices. OK, I do. But, it’s diminished returns area for me. :wink:


Hey, no problem. I wasn’t thinking in terms of modifying anything, just getting a good look at the functionality as is. I agree, there is no reasonable approach to reinventing the wheel in regard to these devices. If that little scope would give me a good peak at that and some of my audio equipment it would be worth the four bucks for me.


I didn’t think you were… I generally try and bear in mind who might wander through reading things. Didn’t mean to infer anything directly.
Just outlining my thought process on the subject.


Groove. I guess in a sense I don’t want to infer that I’m interested in doing repairs or anything like that. That would just become a resentment for me in a hurry. I hate dealing with having to mail things, lol. Anyway, thanks much for the conversation. I’ll keep pokin around.


@SmilingOgre Wondering if it’s something you could do on a PC with say an MAUDIO (Darla) sound card?

To the Google!




Thanks! I’ll do some reading. Interesting option…


I dooded it. I will let you know what I think in a week or two. Amazon loves me.