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Anyone interested INW Milk Chocolate Competition?


i meant 4 bottles left lol 60ml i bought 6 bottles 10ml , i meant to buy a few 30ml bottles but it was late when @woftam and i were chatting about it and i meant to get them the next day and forgot , luckily woftam gave me another heads up when the inventory was getting super low


Hey there @woftam I donated already a few months ago and will donate more as soon as I can @daath Lars does a great job running this site and I just wanted to chime in and say that’s really nice of you and a massive thanks to Lars and every mixer on here that puts their recipes up for us all to try, you are all greatly appreciated.

I’m not after any INW Milk Chocolate V1 though even though unfortunately the last batch I got was the new stuff so luckily I’ve only got 15ml left of the new stuff that taste like year old cum in a latex durex that’s been pulled out of a lady who had the painters in and left in a pile of festering terd…

Not that I’d know what that taste like :joy:, although I can imagine, ok stop it now!

Anyway I was thinking of pouring it down the toilet, then I thought what about the poor fishes?

And that new crap did ruin a 100ml Mix for me and INW should be afucking shamed of themselves as Derek & Clive would say so, I’m going on to TFA/TPA Milk Chocolate.

The V1 is really good though so fair play to you. You are most kind :grinning:

Have a great weekend and good luck guys :wink:

All the best



Use it to make chocolate milkshakes or something for your minions if you got any, apparently that works fine according to @woftam


Hey @Norseman mine are 29 & 30 and I couldn’t do it to them, yep small gap the docs told us to wait but we couldn’t,

So when I said I could imagine the smell well…Ok Ok Shane lowering the tone as usual lol.

I’m off to play Xbox.

Have fun everyone :sunglasses:


This is now on.


Great idea @woftam, sign me up for some of the good stuff. @daath I forgot to add the special comments, LOL…

Confirmation number: 8FH52204DF128040C


Post in the thread brother


Wrong thread, lol.


Upside bro so far you are winning :rofl:




Amazed! :slight_smile: