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Anyone into flying drones?


did you flip out the first time you flew over water lol?


that sounds about right


The best thing about the DJI and most higher end drone is the can be flown in GPS mode that makes them incredibly easy for beginners. Just let go of the controls and it will hover in place, and if you loose contact or connection it will return to “home” and land for you.


gotta love the home button lol


Didn’t flip out but a little voice in my head was saying “WTF are you doing? What if you loose power??” :flushed:


Yep. My bebop does that. I’ve had mine return to within 2ft of the original take-off point.
But the problem is obstacle avoidance on the trip home.


same… it was like tentative loops back and forth to shore.


I have a Phantom 4 pro and its a fantastic machine. RTH works well although i don’t use it really…no emergencies yet!! You can set the RTH height and the drone will climb to that height before it flys back so you can set the height according to the height of obstacles in the fly zone. The only time that goes wrong is if you’re underneath a tree or something when you hit the rth button. Love my machine though…seriously impressive stuff.


I set my return height to 350 feet to make sure I avoid anything in it’s path.:+1:


Yeah, that’s the one thing the Bebop doesn’t have. I can set it to return home after xx amount seconds from loosing the signal but there’s no option to program the altitude AFAIK.


Let me ask y’all another question…
Have any of you ever actually had to contact an airport to give notification of your flight plans?


I own a Hubsan X4 H502E Desire, I had fun with it when it was new, only cost $100, now there down to about $70. I had the most fun just flying up and looking around from altitude. It has GPS and is a great cheap entry level GPS drone.


I never have, but I mostly fly in the countryside or mountains. I’ve been told my DJI app will also warn me if I’m attempting to fly in a restricted area. However I have not tried it out.


No I haven’t had to contact an airport but my bird warns me if I am in a restricted area and i have to take responsibility for the flight. Most countries have various restrictions in place over most of the country there are not many truly free areas. There often not totally banning a flight but you have to abide by height restrictions etc.