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Anyone into flying drones?


I’ve had those little palm sized Syma helicopters for a few years and they’re cool for knocking shit over around the house. But last month, after doing a bit of research I pulled the trigger on the Parrot Bebop FPV. My first drone/quadcopter. (No, I don’t fly in the house) But if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly this is the closest you can get, unless you’re Iron Man.


I want one! I tried buying one and got ripped off by a false ad on FB ad from some Chinese company. Luckily I got money back. I’m saving up for Mavic Pro. So hopefully I’ll be flying soon.


i have a bunch of rtf blade helis, i have a couple small drones and wanted to get a nice one but im waiting until my son gets a little older


Mavic Pro? Damn, those are expensive. Hope you’ve flown before.


I have seen them in action. Them suckers will fly themselves. I do have a cheap drone, but it’s not worth mentioning.


I wasn’t aware of this until AFTER I made the purchase but the FAA requires any drone weighing over 0.55lbs to be registered. On top of that, if you plan on flying anywhere within 5 miles of an airport you are required to notify the control tower.


I want a mavic pro like real bad. I have purchased a couple hundred dollar drones but they aren’t very good. I prefer the helicopters for in the house.


I will have one eventually but I need to get my piloting skills down to a science first. But the HD videos I’ve taken with the Bebop are really fuckin cool!!
My yard…


my old neighbor had one of those big bastards, like one you could strap a dog to and fly away with… had it buzzing over my house, (we were cool neighbors), and I had to stop why I was doing to go investigate with a baseball bat.


Ok you lost me. So you investigated flying dogs?


Not so much into drones, but I like the pool, if that helps lol


the lifting force was calculated to be strong enough to pick up a small mass, I can’t remember the term neighbor used but it was research someone did


Was the term he referred to called The Bernoulli Principle by any chance?


I recently picked up a DJI Phantom 3 looking forward to some using it next time I’m at the beach.


We have a mavic Pro we use for shots here and there.


The Mavic’s seem to be the popular choice.
But let me ask you Mavic owners…what was your experience level the first time you launched one?
I ask because I too looked at those, but my urge to buy it was tempered because of my lack of experience. Flying a little toy helicopter around my living room doesn’t qualify as experience. And I figured before that kind of investment was made that it would be better to gain more knowledge and flight time. That’s where the Parrot Bebop 2 came in for me.

So far, got about 27 hrs flight time, a few “Oh Shit” moments and 1 non-damage crash.
Think I’ll be ready for a Mavic pretty soon though!


The Mavic is amazing for first time fliers.
Between the interface and the sensors, they make it pretty easy to maintain a sense of control when flying… to be honest, the only problem we’ve had is the fact that since the controls are similar to many popular video games, one can easily become OVERconfident while piloting a Mavic.


Yeah that could have some unwanted effects I imagine. :woozy_face:


I’m about 20 minutes west of Lake Michigan. Also thinking about hittin the beach/dunes over there for some scenery shots.


Seriously the controls are similar to a game called Star Wars Battle Front… next thing you know you think you are a X-wing pilot…shortly after that, you crash like a X-wing pilot taking on the Death Star lol