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Anyone know a good lemon cream biscuit recipe?


Looking for a good recipe for lemon creams biscuit… See fotos


Are you lookin for a clone of this particular juice?


I recently made a batch of Manner, and it was pretty damned tasty for a two-ingredient recipe! Here’s the link: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/456869/Manner Reading through some of the comments makes me want to try a second batch with some of the changes, but the original is quite nice as well. Give it a night to come together.


Doesn’t have to be a clone, just something that taste similar


@Savapor I don’t know if this one fits your bill, but it suuuuuure is good…


Wonder if that should be submitted to Bull City for their Flavor Packs offerings.
I’ve looked it over several times but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the to order for list.


@Bob_Bitchen I totally agree. What’s the procedure, we need to get the mixer on board, then submit ?


Got me, I’d ask on the Bull City thread the exact procedure. You or I ? Lets both post LOL
Edit:: Sent it as E mail request to the sales Dept. as requested at the start of the Bull City thread.


I would try?
FA Custard - 5%
Cap VC - 3%
INW Biscuit- 3%
Cap Sugar Cookie- 5%
FA Meringue- 1%
FA Scicily Lemon- 1%

The FA and Cap custards work well together and the FA has a lemony tinge to it which will help the added Scicily Lemon
The Meringue will add a great sweet taste to the excellent Inawera biscuit which is paired with the sugar cookie.
Honestly don’t think it would need much else?


Biscuit 3% and Sugar Cookie 5% seem like a pretty heavy combo. Did this work out ok?


My cookie base is 3./. Sugar cookie 2.5 biscuit and 2 cookie biscotto and it’s amazing :wink:


Cool. I’ll bump my %'s and see how they work.


Thx @TorturedZen no problem!


Try this… simple but really good snv