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Anyone Know of a Off-line calculator to use with a apple computer


Dose anyone know where I can get a off-line calculator so I can start making my own e-liquids for my apple computer


Checked the App Store/iTunes yet? Other than that, can’t help.


How are you with spreadsheets?

Personally, I think spreadsheets are the spawn of the devil. I hate 'em. That being said, I have a bare bones eliquid spreadsheet calculator that will work in a pinch. It’s definitely cave man, compared to the slick ELR calculator.

There’s actually a number of the spreadsheet style calculators out there, if you do some searching on Google.

The one I use was downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet, but works fine in Open Office. If you want to PM me your email address, I’ll be happy to send you a copy.




The following is a on line calc with your own storage capabilities via bookmarking. You do not need to join, just use and save/bookmark. I used this before joining ELR.
I doubt this secure site shown below would banned from use:


Thanks for the information


HI Thanks for getting in contact and here is my e-mail (edited out your email) hope to here from you soon.


Hi Thanks for getting back to me ive had a look at the sight and its in ml or drops I will stick with ELR


Phil - i edited out your email maybe not ideal to share on the public forum

Hope you don’t mind the edit


Sent Phil a PM that he can reply to. Thanks!


Thanks for the edit


Email sent, Phil. Hope it works. One thing is for sure. Using the spreadsheet will reallllly make you appreciate the wonderful ELR calculator!