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Apple Custard Strudel


Help please. On october 22 Pavel posted a recipe named apple custard strudel. I though…lets try this one. So mixed it up and let steep till last week. Vaped it and Loved it. So today I thought…lets make a large batch. Searched the recipe in my favorites…and it’s a private recipe. Too bad.
So Pavel (or anyone with a copy of this recipe), if you read this, could you please please please post it again?
Many thanks in advance


Just tagging @Pavel in case s/he frequents the forum


If u cant recall where he posted it perhaps u can search the forums w/ posts by him w/ an advanced search.


Thanks, I will try that


Why the first post was flagged? :worried:


It wasn’t flagged, it just needed approval and even though I approved it, for some reason it stayed hidden. I fixed it. I think… :thinking:


Yes you did. :slightly_smiling_face:


You could comment on one of the other recipes he/she posted so they get an email



Uh? Duh?

BTW I’m making this today!


Well find! I don’t even know that google backup everythink…
And yes I have adapt it.


Yeah I just manually entered it. Under the search results you choose “cached” underneath.

Thanks @Kat1970! This is why I capture these when posted to my local MSWord. I have seen many of these recipes disappear over time.


I printscreen them. :slight_smile:
And adapt them…


With all the fuss of Cake (Yellow) (FW) having Sucrose (actual sugar which is bad to vape) this would be a great candidate for safer adaptation …you could even do CDS V2


Search results on google? I can’t find ‘‘cached’’.


Oh wow, thank you so much, I totally forgot about Google. I really liked this recipe, gonna make a huge batch tomorrow


Google results show two links. Of course the main top giant obvious one, but there is often a smaller less obvious link just underneath, very handy for expired links. See the little black triangle? Click it


Oohhh yes TY! :+1: