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Apple for Wassail recipe


Trying to create a Wassail recipe. Wassail is made of mulled cider, pineapple juice, clove, cinnamon, ginger, and I think there’s some orange juice in it, at least that’s how my grandmother made it. Anyway, I know what I want to use for everything but the mulled cider. I have Fuji but that’s not right. I also have Cap Double Apple but haven’t used it yet. Any ideas? Thanks.


Cap double apple could work alone and I’d absolutely use it in a wassail recipe, but definitely check out FA stark apple. Its a wonderful apple juice flavor. Some FA liquid amber would probably be nice in there too!

For the stark, alone I’d use it at 2%, or with double apple I’d probably use 2.5% DA and 1-1.5% stark. For the liquid amber I’d go somewhere in the .25-.5% range.


Liquid Amber…now that I had not thought of. Isnt it supposed to give apples a cooked type effect? I’ll have to read a little about it as I have never used it. Thanks so much.


Yep! IMO its not the greatest for “cooking” very bright fresh flavors (like fuji) but for things like cap double that are kind of right on the edge between fresh and cooked it can push it in the cooked direction. It can also add an almost boozy layer if used a little higher. If you like booze in your wassail (like me… :wink: ) you could probably use it a little higher, maybe around .75%+.


Liquid amber sounds like the way to go. I was thinking about adding a touch of brandy but maybe instead add Liquid Amber for the cooked and boozy effect. Awesome! Thanks!


No prob!! Make sure you let us (ME!!!) know how it turns out! I love having wassail for Christmas but I don’t eat (or drink) sugar anymore so I’d be all over a good wassail vape.


I will absolutely let you know. Thanks for the help!


Went to BCV and they have FA Apple, nothing Stark. Do you know if they are the same?


Bull City’s fa apple is stark. Same thing. :+1:


Hmmm. You may want to think of two apples inw. I always feel that red meaty part when when with a splash of Fuji fa.


What % do you typically use inawera two apples at?


Lol. I just turned off my computer. Low1-2% if I am remembering correctly.