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April first jokes you played


I didn’t play any this year but I would like to share my favourite one that was played years ago by Sir Patrick Moore, who was the very respectable presenter of BBC’s The Sky at Night, (a programme about astronomy for the non UK peeps).
He came on the show talking about a special alignment of the stars which made a difference to the gravity of the Earth in certain spots. He told people that if you were in those spots, you could jump into the air and you would sort of float a little.
The BBC was flooded with phone calls, thousands of people rang in to talk about the floating experiences they’d had. :laughing::snowflake:


That is so evil lol


There has to be someone here who has “CatFact”-ed someone! :smiling_imp:


That’s really fact-ed up!


To quote P. T. Barnum
There’s a sucker born every minute.


But only 1 in a million swallow.


then it seems ive stumbled upon quite a few diamonds in the rough.


Lucky bastard. :laughing:


ya but those are always the crazy ones that like to get mad and break shit


Pay attention


Unicorn zone…brilliant :laughing:


Folks can laugh if they want… BUT, that dude is 100%, without a doubt, take it to the bank (and altar if you want) correct in every way possible. Every Father (or friend) should be indoctrinating, early in life, any and every male of the human species with these teachings… plus, no male below the age of 30 should even consider putting a ring on anyones finger (marriage). Their little brains are no where near developed enough to handle or deal with such a life altering commitment. :fearful:

I didn’t listen to my Father very much, 'cause he was a dick… but, THE one piece of advice I did listen to was… “Don’t stick your pecker in crazy”. Wise words by which to live. :flushed:


Crtl + Alt + up arrow on a few keyboards at work. ppl were “flipping” out LOL

(same + down arrow to correct)


Hey you get what you pay for lmao :smile:


I’ve been involved with one of these only it was shreaded greenbar paper and it was for easter it was done and then three blow up easter eggs and a bunny set on top. Did it on Friday night knowing the guy had to work Easter Sunday. it was so funny.


Doing a printscreen of someone’s desktop, set it as the wallpaper then hide all the icons in an off-screen folder. . .“Why are my shortcuts not working? Even recycle bin won’t open” :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s only funny until you forgot you did it