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April first jokes you played


Well it is April first here and has been for a about 12 hours.

Though I would list a few of the gags I played on people in the hopes you guys list some classics so I have some better ones to play next year.

I told both of my girls that their school had run out of money and wasn’t going to open ever again - they were quite sad about it so it didn’t quite go to plan lol

I rang my 80 year old mother and told asked her why her house was listed for sale on a real estate website. I guess you can see thru alot of gags when you are 80 and she didn’t fall for it at all.

Not to be dissuaded I tried the same gag on a mate of mine who went into a panic screamed WTF and asked me to email him the link so he could find out who the f^&% is trying to sell his house. My email contained the classic rick roll so i actually got him 2x. I got a deeply ashamed voice on the phone 5 mins later calling me a devious c^&*%. Perfect so i guess 1/3 aint bad.


lmaooo thats funny


The old zip tie on the kitchen faucet sprayer is a good one :smiling_imp:


I did the cling wrap on the toilet last year which didn’t go down well at all. (made me laugh though)


that’s kinda crazy bc it’s Friday 8pm here. you guys live in the future. lol


Ya i already know what will happen on your tomorrow lmao


Yeah if I did that one my old lady would make me clean up the “mess”


Ya exactly what happened here but totally worth it lol.


I like doing the zip tie on the sprayer in the break room at work.You can get so many people that way.


Looks just like orange juice


Thank you! This would work great for our work hamburglar!


Even if the mess was dudu and peepee? I could clean up pee but a log? Ohhhhh no! Noooooooo!:astonished:


lol no it was just splash back on one of the girls she didn’t see the funny side of it for awhile



I really, really want to send someone 3lbs of live bees, but I feel sad for bees these days.


I think this might be one. The spelling is wrong.



I remember crushing garlic cloves and letting the juice dry on all of my sisters toothbrushes. I wasn’t sure it worked until one of them came up to me and said: “Maggie’s puking and mom’s going to beat your ass”.


This one is for that office co-worker who likes “peanuts”!

Never leave the office for lunch on April Fools Day! :smiling_imp:


A packet of mayonnaise squirted under a friends car door handle in the nice spring heat. quickly degrades into a clearish warm goop


It wasn’t an april fools joke but at work there was a guy that always ate or drank others stuff I always had a two liter of Mt Dew in the fridge and when I’d get to work it would be about half as full as it was when I left. So one day I told my coworker that I was going to piss in the bottle and leave it in there, I did it just loud enough for the thieving little prick to over hear me. That night I made sure to leave about half a bottle but salted it rather heavily. I guess at his morning break he got a glass and filled from my bottle took a big swig choked and coughed then threw up thinking he got the real deal. Just hearing about it was great. Oh and it was the last time he touched anything out of the fridge that wasn’t his