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Are Claptons and Aliens dead?


Watch this:

and then watch parts 2 and 3. Then answer.

FWIW, I’m convinced.



They are dead to me… Been dead for a couple years now. Titanium wire and Temperture Control out performs all of them IMO.


If you watch the full series, you will notice that his test shows that properly made claptons performs almost the same as his flat wire, at least when it comes to how air flows around them. The big problem according to his airflow tests, are with twisted wires, staggered builds and thick wrap wire claptons, and perhaps most surprising with spaced builds.

So I would say no.

And despite this people are also still going to continue to buy crappy claptons, and make all sorts of exotic builds that don’t really vape very well.

But his whole series has been very informational, and I love his approach.


Thks for share and will watch entire series. The 1st addressed what i have known to hate w/ claptons and fancy builds creating wire mass. I mainly use mechs and prefer simpler wraps to avoid ramp up and battery drain. i did find a bit of humor here:


So now I’ve been hunting for ultra-flat ribbon wire the like of which he uses available commercially… But no joy… I would happily buy a reel of 22g Kanthal flattened to fuck to save having to hammer out the wire myself… Any suggestions of anyone who provides this?




Love my fc wires and not likely to give them up.


I’m interested in this since I know you used to do some extremely intricate builds with other wire and know the performance pro’s and cons as far as I’ve gotten is stainless fused Clapton’s which has been good but want to try titanium now and want to know if you use just round wire builds and what gauge you prefer.


0.8mm is the widest they do… The vid shows like 2-3mm width… I can’t find anyone who goes that wide… :frowning:


I run a simple two-wire parallel FC, nothing fancy. Works for me. I bought a jig that makes the Claptoning very simple and hands-off, and I’m not going to switch until I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of the jig!

Not having watched the video, how do they account for the additional wicking properties of the Claptoning? Yes, I’m lazy.


So far some of what he has published has been beneficial. I have changed coil placement per his findings and also found better performance. I can not concur with his findings per simple vs clapton however. I’m in the camp of parallel fused clapton. I get better flavor than simple in most cases. Wonderful videos regardless. I just think there’s a little “Paul Harvey” with the “Rest of the Story” to be had.


He said he pounds his wire flat. What gauge wire is he using to get it that wide?


The answer is easy. Watch the damn thing!

TL;DW – the wicking properties of a clapton are exhausted well within the first second of the draw. Thereafter the wraps add no value except additional metal, and therefore slow ramp up time. They also cause turbulence on the air flow which results in inefficient cooling, and thus poor vapour production and flavour compared to ultra-flat coils.



22g Kanthal