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Are Unicorn/Gorilla bottles re-useable?


This mIght sound like a dumb question so let me preface this. I have always mixed with glass bottles for my personal use. Easily reuseable after a good cleaning. Until recently I had never used a unicorn bottle but I received a free empty 30ml in a recent order. I would like to start replacing my glass inventory with more of these if possible. My only requirement is being able to clean them for reuse and not have any leeched or lingering flavors/odors afterwards from the previous contents due to the plastic composition.

Does such a bottle exist or should I just hold on to my glass?
Mucho grassy-ass for the replies!


Hold onto your glass!!! Unicorn bottles are reusable, but they do hold onto flavors. The leftover flavor can be reduced through all sorts of methods, but in my experience you can never get it all out. So if you do stock up on a few, I recommend using them for specific flavors or at the very least, similar flavor profiles.


Yes I agree about keeping the glass and the flavors maybe lingering. You can wash the plastic with mildly warm water, not too hot or it’ll actually set the flavors into the plastic. Then for me I just keep them separated into profiles, fruity, minty, creamy. Once they’re dry I put them into a tupperware tub according to their previous flavor profile.


I do this as well rinse with warm water and use same recipe or similar profile recipes in gorillas :gorilla:


KEEP THE GLASS , truth is that glass is the best option and if its already in glass i wouldnt swap it out for plastic , i use to swap the plastic for flass but im too lazy now lol


All i have are 30ml chubby unicorns gorilla bottles and slim tip 100ml plastic bottles
I didn’t realize hot water sets the flavors! Thanks @VapeyMama
Also, i do not have an issue with plastic, i am not so good with glass bottles that have droppers instead of tips( if that makes sense or is accurate for this situation)
My :raised_hand: /:eyes: coordination is severely handicapped…


+1 on the coordination thing. I’ve actually broken the tips off a few glass droppers on both my Azeroth and Avocado tanks. (never sneeze whilst refilling)
The unicorn bottle’s tip was much easier. But seeing as they can’t be cleaned 100% I’ll just hold on to my glass.
Thank you much for the replies everyone!