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Are You F_@$ing ( kid)ding


We may not see on the same level on a lot of things, but I still like you and respect your opinion. I give you a rough time, you give me a rough time, it’s all part of the game.

Here is the biggest issue. And this will always be the biggest issue… What is the one thing Governments are best at? Corruption. There will be no way any regulation will be A.) done with the public’s best interests in mind, B) fair, and C) unbiased.

Say the government begins these outlandish regulatory practices against the doughnut industry. Maybe at first they say all manufacturers that use a certain chemical or compound known to be unhealthy must pay a 75% tax. How soon would companies (lobbyists) push through exceptions, exemptions, etc to have their doughnuts excused from the profit crushing tax? The purpose would be to kill off competition, and the means would be through corrupt legislators. It is a never ending, putrid, festering rabbit hole.

If we need an example of senseless corruption and lobby pressure, we need look no further than our own little cottage industry- vaping. It is being thrashed, beaten, belittled, and strangled unfairly by Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. Misinformation and corruption here is exposed seemingly daily. Money, not public good, talks. It will happen in every facet of government intrusion. So there will never be a fair and just system in place, as long as the government is involved.

So, even if your idea is a good one (and I still don’t think so), it will never be properly (fairly, justly, with public health as priority one) implemented.


This is not to disagree in any way with your post. I see myself agreeing with what I have read. All of the mentioned is nothing that guberment can make a substantial impact on. Yes, the global love for sugar is a huge problem. But short of educating people in regard to the use of sugar and it’s relative content in available products not much can be done. Education in itself is optional and many will not avail themselves to it. Again, trying to alter that is insidious. In regard to obesity in youth, there are two sides to the formula. Caloric/varied metabolism intakes vs energy exerted. Looking at our youth today who exercise only their thumbs, I’m not sure there is a reduced intake that is safe. IMHO humans are not designed to exercise nothing but their thumbs. I’ll forgo the passive aggressive quips and state that again, guberment can have no substantial impact. Ok, one passive aggressive quip, maybe by passing legislation and enforcing it thereby increasing taxation, people will have to work harder to live. Not what I would look for in a solution.


Amen , amen amen




Good post. i agree entirely.

But, hang on! what exactly is my idea? sure, I admitted to finding the idea of suing the heck out of Big Mac amusing, but then again I did find quite a few flaws in that plan.

Frankly i haven’t proposed a solution at all, just picked fault with all the proposed solutions, which is a bit unreasonable of me perhaps. :laughing: That’s not to say that all out of ideas, just that a solution would have to be pretty damned radical, before I was willing to lend it any serious credence. And I’m not about to get all radical on yous. :laughing:


That’s my point. Whatever it is, it will not go the way you’d like, as Gubment will inevitably ruin it.


@Phil_Fish Well they do sure have one hell of a track record in that regard…


Hmmm . You’re right there. i guess we’ll just have to start by bringing down the Gubments, then :grin:

But time for some light relief, methinks

…umm…that coulda been me. I had the exact same confusion regarding the “second hand”. And, yeah, I could pick a good few blonde moments from adulthood, but I’ll be kind to myself and limit myself to recalling how my domestic science teacher at school thought I must be pretending to be stupid, in her class , cos nobody could really be that stupid (well, especially not in a state-run Grammar School, that you had to pass exams to get into).

There was, for example, the time when I accidentally stitched my dressmaking assignment to my skirt, and didn’t notice until i lifted it up to show the teacher, thus displaying my knickers to all-and-sundry. But the thing that most reminds of your daughter, was the time when I managed to make a really neat looking job of one seam of an apron I was making. I was really chuffed with myself, until…

The teacher said “Good,. Now sew the other side”.

I sat there staring at the apron in perplexity for the entirety of the rest of the session.

At the end of the class, she demanded to know why I hadn’t sewn the other side , as I was told.

“But, but, but…” I stammered with that sinking feeling that i was gonna be accused of pretending to be stupid again, no helping it. . "But…if you sew one side of the material, the thread goes through to the other side, doesn;'t it? So where’s the point in sewing the other side? "

Yep, that’s honestly what I’d been thinking to myself, all the way through that horribly long double period. :blush:


That’s Audrey for sure, but I’m guessing there’s genius in that somewhere. All about perception.



Those lovingly fried, delicately glazed bundles of happy did NOTHING to deserve the ire of the government!


Talk to the imaginary government. I wouldn’t tax those little love circles.






The twerking donut isnt as appealing but the center is still always fat free


That’s ok, you know that thing you told me was a secret? I don’t know how much longer I can keep it!


Aww here it comes!

Your childhood video!



They aren’t reaching at all.