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Are You F_@$ing ( kid)ding


Ok blow up the world today , this is getting really stupid now … NO SHIT THEY MARKET HAPPY MEALS TO KIDS… and their parents buy it… sorrry but thia save the children shit is too much …


Nothing surprises me anymore to be honest.


i thought that as well , but this , this did and if goes anywhere in the courts candy makers are next and the feds will be kicking down grmas door for baking cookies… smdh


Not surprised either. Didn’t someone years ago try to sue Mickey D’s for making them fat?


Follow the money and see who’s behind this. It’s obviously a stunt to either extort McD’s or set up some ridiculous new legislation. Or the principal’s name is Wendy ‘BK’ Hardee.


im going to have to look that one up…


Yep, and I am sure Y’all remember the coffee incident also. I am a bit of a night owl and There are always ads asking if you got sick or hurt from some pill or some other thing. Then call us and we will help you sue the pants off the b@sturds.





Please Oh Please…Save Us From Ourselves!! It’s For The Childrennnnnnnnnnnn!


This is just getting ridiculous.

So someone in Canada is suing McDonald’s. I sure thought it was another us stupid thing


You know the lady got 3rd degree burns right? You know the reason the sued them was because McDonald’s kept there coffee at over 200 degrees F right? You know they didn’t want to sue them right? You know they felt like they had to because McDonald’s kept there coffee over boiling right?


“the province’s consumer protection law, which prohibits commercial advertising toward children under 13”

This in itself could be the start of something else, are toys not marketed to children, are books not marketed to children, are clothes not marketed to children and so on ad nauseum.


Yes that could have been completely legit. I dislike the Emotional Terrorism and Scammers using children, kids, teens or whatever to pull on your heart strings for their agendas or to get your money.

Men are completely ignorant when it comes to emotional manipulation by the fairer kind. Men might be stronger physically but nature gave women an equal super-power and strength mentally. Nature usually balances out the powers and abilities between all things.

Something like this is the worse-case example of what emotional manipulation can do.

Mob burned to death two men falsely accused of child organ trafficking, report says



It’s not hard to find out, if its true or not, as far as emotional terrorism most people in America are held hostage by it every day. It’s quite unfortunate but true.


if i could give you the finger I would you know that right?


I’m actually happy this is happening. The world had been so unfair with marketing for decades. Why is it illegal to ban marketing for smoking for health reasons but it’s OK to market fat and sugar loaded “food” that causes cancers and obesity?
I for one can’t wait until governments focus on getting healthy food on people’s tables. For years now it’s much cheaper to get unhealthy food and normal unprocessed healthy food is becoming a luxury product. IMO they’re not going far enough


Speak your peace, what are you referring to? Hollywoods influence. That happened in MEXICO. I think the big fence on the American southern border says enough for me not to want to visit MEXICO anytime soon. :smile:

With 8 billion? people on the planet… yikes. :wink:


So if they’re not interested in people’s health, stop banning anything in advertisement. It’s either or. The current situation is just unfair to certain business. Governments have to start being consistent.


When people die other people and businesses make money also so whats fair there? Maybe it’s something else… IDK bout others. Yet I don’t think most people like or want to see advertisements for Headstones, Cremation and Burial services all day long. I thnk it’s a matter of taste and what you like to see. I mean I grew up on violent cartoons and I came out Ok I hope. :slight_smile: