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Are you ready for some Football?


Ok, the NFL season just kicked off. Rematch of last year’s Super Bowl game. I know NFL and college football isn’t overly popular in Europe but I also know there are plenty enough fans there. Any Europeans tell me…do any of your TV outlets carry these games? Do you go to pubs and watch?

I’ve been a Packers fan for 45 years. Been a South Carolina Gamecocks fan over 20. I LOVE football season.

Who do you like? Any season predictions for college or professional?


Cleveland Browns might be a surprise this year…but I’m not gonna hold my breath…especially when I am chain vaping during their games… :slight_smile:


Seahawks all the way. They have 14 new guys and if just 8 work out (Russell Wilson was not a top pick by the way) the Seahawks Super Bowl bound.

Also my other team…stealers. As long as Big Ben stays healthy and no one else gets arrested. lol.


Cleveland could possibly be having a really good year had it not been for some highly misplaced attention and downright special treatment shown to one Johnny Manziel.

“Johnny Football” was a huge mistake, and a huge waste of time for the Browns. I remember the draft and that dumb shit John Gruden acting like Manziel was the second coming. Every pick he thought Johnny should have been it. I suppose he was just blind to what a total fk up Manziel really is.

In competition for the secondary quarterback position for Cleveland was Connor Shaw. Poor dude was never given a chance. He was a fantastic player in college and was proving his worth the other day for Chicago when fate would send him to the sidelines yet again. Showing a languishing Bears offense his worth, Shaw suffered a serious and obvious season-ending injury. Pre season! This is a sad case of a great player watching his career from a seated position.


I like football as well and like several teams. My favorite is the Pittsburg Steelers. I grew up in NJ and followed the Steelers as far back as the Steel Curtain Days. Other favorites are YES, The Seattle Seahawks. Watched them since their beginnings when they SUCKED. Of course I’m gonna like the Texans, live within 60 miles of Houston. Hated the Houston Oilers back in the day but the Texans are Okey Dokie with me. Last, the Carolina Panthers. I watched them also from their beginnings. They had quite a team in the beginning. Went to the Superbowl in 2004. Unfortunately they lost to New England. I was pissed…


I don’t really do football, I can watch it but I’m not obsessed. That being said, I’m an Auburn fan. War Eagle! :smiley:


Do you remember the Seahawks against the Steelers in the Superbowl? Did you choose a favorite to win? What a bitch choosing from your 2 favorite teams. That was me too…


I did. I picked the steelers. I was the only one in the room and it was a tough game.

Even to this day I get flack for it. Lol. If it happens again this year Seahawks vs. steelers I don’t know what to do.


I did too! Tell me, did you pick them because they were the underdog? The Steelers ARE my favorite team but I chose them to win cause they were the underdogs. That was such a cool game if you’re a Steeler fan !!!


It’s pretty early to speculate much but I personally don’t think you’ll have to worry about that matchup this year.


no im not because the niners suck ass lmao still love them though


Underdog steelers? No, not that year. Growing up it was 49r’s, steelers, and Seahawks…in that order. After joe Montana and Steve young left/retired I stopped rooting for the 49r’s. Loved hassleback for the Seahawks and warren moon. But the steelers were my number one at that time…who can dispute coach Callahan and the bus…really. But know with good ol’ Pete and Wilson it’s impossible to not root for the Hawks.

All in all those three teams have a special place in my heart. I think I was super lucky to grow up in an era of some of the last known greats. (There were many befor them but few really beat the last ones from my day…I know talking like I’m 90…only in my 30’s) Top it off, players like magic, jorand, Byrd, and the like sports just hasn’t been the same. I only watched on basketball game this year…the last one and it was the best. Baseball, pass…overpaid, overly complain about contracts and ped’s…uggg and don’t get me started about playing 100 games.


Actually they were considered the underdog against Seattle. By the end of that game you’d never know it. Yeah I kinda liked the 49ers when they still had Steve Young. They really screwed up when they replaced him. Were you old enough to see Seattle and their trick plays with Herrera the kicker? Those plays were what got me liking the Seahawks. Can’t remember who played Quarterback back then. They really sucked then but those trick plays won them a couple games. Better then win less all season…


49er fan here. Diehard actually, but I’m not holding my breath for anything but suckage. I just hope they can concentrate on football and not all the other stuff outside of the game.


It’s becoming more popular actually I have a couple of friends that follow it religiously, but I have never seen any group of people watching it in a pub or bar, it’s football all the way here (soccer) that’ll fill any pub, Manchester Derby this weekend, crazy game, I’d be in the pub for that but I’m on Dad duty, Die hard Manchester United fan :soccer::+1:


Dallas Cowboys fan here (no surprise).
Sucks to say, but I’m thrilled to be ‘rid of’ Romo (but of course hate to hear about that level of injury to do it). He’s needed to go for FAR too long, but even more than we’ve needed to get rid of him, and even as much as Jerry Jones has done in some aspects for the 'Boys…I wish we could get an owner that knew his place. The last thing JJ did right in my book was in the Tripletts era when he hired Jimmy Johnson, and Jimmy had the balls enough to take command of the team (like it should be for a head coach).

Tied for second-place as favorites are:
Pittsburg Steelers and the Oakland Raiders. (always loved good tough football!)


Good luck with RG3…I am a Redskins Fan…I bleed burgundy and gold!!! He was a total waste of everything we gave up for him to pick him up in the draft…well, I guess we got the first year out of him was good, but after that it was all downhill!


Love some football ,been a packers fan for forty years now.There was a few lean years in that time.
College I always follow my home team ,Kentucky Wildcats … it is always a lean year with them! I am just glad we finally got a win over Spurrier , never thought that would happen.I don’t blame him , I would quit after that loss as well!


Ooo ya ! Big panthers fan! Nooo not band wagon. I lived in NC my whole life. (27 years)

Took a tough loss last night! But we will be okay! No pressure to go 16 - 0 now.


I know what you mean…I think he lost his humility, which affected his performance and relationship with team mates…I quite often question the Browns front office decision making (Manziel for example)…Hopefully the new coach and staff can humble RG3, as he does possess some skills…There’s a reason the Browns became known as the Cardiac Kids…Should be a fun season

@SthrnMixer… Yeah, I questioned that draft out of the gate, as I mentioned to @tbt127…amongst a variety of other mistakes they make by keeping certain players ON the field…