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Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?


Yes the problem is were the ground is attached to the 510 . They use a screw to press against the out side of the 510 it self. You will be unable to see it as it is covered with solder .small screw I will send you a link I sent pioneer 4 u. They use it now ipv4s was the first to use my ground sys i will post the page link some of it is poor wording but pic is worth a 1000 words .ipv 2 ipv4 basic same fix once the repairs are done not to many mods will come close to the performance of the ipv4. the board used is better than ipv4s .


https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1608300926101108&id=1606917859572748 hope this helps


I hear and see that the TC mods don’t work in TC with TI. Like the snow wolf. They say only nicel works in TC mode. Not sure about dna200.


Let me help you there. Yes, not only does the DNA200 work, but it kicks ass of everything else out there that I can tell whether Nickel, Titanium, SS or whatever kind of non-resistance wire available. I’m sorry to hear of issues people have had with their LiPo packs though, but as for temp control it is a Cadillac.


https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1625047394426461&id=1606917859572748 here is link I was not so mad in this one few mod rebuilds under my hat better info the first video was done June of this year that mod is still going strong I gave it to my son for his help in figuring this out


Well i have the wismec jaybo mod on it’s way. The 3 18650s in my opinion is way more reliable then them lipo packs. At least i hope lol


The Sigelei 200W Fu Chai TC Box Mod is the only Sigelei mod that will support Titanium wire as far as I know. The rest are indeed just like the Snow Wolf, nickel wire only for TC mode…


Same here. Should be here tomorrow - SthrnMixer sits on hands to keep from clapping

  • DNA200 supports all
  • eVic VTC Mini supports Ti, Ni, SS in TC
  • eVic VT 60W supports Ni and Ti in TC
  • XCube 2 supports Ni, Ti and SS (last two are addons you buy)
  • Koopor Plus supports Ni, Ti and SS (though my experience with this mod is not stellar).
  • IPV 4S supports Ni and Ti in TC.
  • iJoy Asolo supports everything, though theirs is “taste control”, not temperature control, but functions …alright.
  • iStick TC40W supports Ni and Ti (through an easter egg).



Well right this minute all i have is macanical mods. I got the snow wolf just for a secondary mod. The reviews i see on it are pretty good solid mod. But my wismec dna200 will be here Friday :slight_smile: but the dna200 is all new to me. So before i go trying to change the standered programming. I will do a lot of video watching


I have not found any board that come close to the DNA 200 In any mode temp flat out Powe real 200 watts not pulse DNA 40 came out and short time later SX350 J but I do not believe any one thought the DNA 200 was even on the drawing board boy were the wrong


Here’s a little help for when you unbox this thing.

Out of the box it will fire in VW mode and TC with Nickel. There are 8 customization profiles. If I’m not mistaken each profile is defaulted to Nickel until you import your CSV files for other metals. To get to VW mode, from any profile, with the mod locked (fire button 5x), hold plus and minus together to get to the temp adjustment mod. Hold the plus button. It will scroll all the way to 600F but instead of going back to zero or whatever, it stops on OFF, meaning TC function is turned off. Click fire 5x again to unlock. Now you’re in VW mode and can use plus/minus to set power.


thank you. I just don’t want to mess it up
but from what i have read and from everyone on here. They are bad ass


Does the Koopor Mini support SS???
(sorry for the thread jack)


They only mention Ni200 here: http://www.koopor.com/koopor-mini.shtml - maybe if you got it upgraded? Not sure.


I don’t mean to contradict our dear leader, but the Xcube 2 doesn’t even make a good paperweight. I would not call what it does, at least mine, “temperature control.”

also missing from the list is the IPV3 LI…which does nickel and Ti. . .easily, without phone or computer connections. Functionally, for a single setup, I like it as well as the DNA 200, but all considered the DNA is a Ferrari and the rest are covered wagons with 3 square wheels.


My XCube 2 works perfectly. Not so with my Koopor Plus though :frowning:

And you’re right - I’m thoroughly impressed with the performance of the DNA 200!


I can’t wait to get my dna200 wismec. Well i have to wait. But i don’t want too lol


It does not support SS wire. As @daath said, maybe with a upgrade…


This is from the Kooper support site. There’s also a link to the vendors you can send your mod into for upgrade if you don’t want to DIY.

“While most temperature control mods on the market supported Nickel 200 temperature sensing wire ONLY, we were developing KOOPOR Mini, the 60W TC mod that can support Titanium as well as Nickel 200. And the new version will add Stainless Steel wire for temperature control, and solve user experience problems mentioned in your feedback.”