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Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?


Koopor Plus has issues TOO!? Welcome to the victim’s club.

I got tired of the lack of flavor our of my Crown and rewired it with a sketchy dual 30ga Ti build that blew the coil (on my IPV) So I finally put my TFV4 back on my DNA as its getting “late.” I had not been using the tank out of protest, but boy that thing dialed in on the DNA is a thing of beauty. Such a great tank, I wish they would just focus on that and give us all our money back on the mods.

I cant, in good conscious, give Smok another penny. But that is one nice tank (dual RBA, 24ga Ti wire at 0.114 ohms) wicked with hemp, of course.


I must say they really built this tank righteously, At least one of my 3 is in rotation daily. Easy to build on and it vapes like a beast.


The one I tested in my review suffered from incorrect ohm reading (what I also experienced with XCube 2 with firmware 1.092 - the XCube 2 was fixed with firmware 1.093). If I put my new atty on, let it measure ohms, then adjust it to the lowest setting it works fine though.

Again, probably not everyone will experience this… :smile:


the mini also supports titanium…


i like this series of tips…the have mesh inside of them as well…there are tons of options on FT…



So, you guys think my beat up IPVIIs and Troll RDA would benefit from Titanium wire?


About cleaning the ti wire, can I use “husholdning sprit” and wash with water and wipe with clean cloth?


I think your gonna enjoy @Pro_Vapes gift it doesn’t have tc but your gonna like a new shiny toy…


Oh yes. I’m sure it will be awesome. Just really like to know if I will benefit from purchasing Ti coils or buying the wire and trying to wrap with it. I have a hard time wrapping my own coils lately (due to arthritis), so I’ve been buying them off of ebay.


I’m gonna wrap some for you and send them off to you pm me and I’ll give you the specs do you subohm???


Oh, how awesome! Thank you very much.


All this giving going on… I’m gonna tear up…:sob:



I guess you could. I just bought the cheapest vodka from Netto and use that on a paper towel :smile:


Ipv4 if it has Been update will work great with titanium


Well decided I wanted to try taking the resistance even lower so I ordered some 22g Ti like you are using. Plan on this spaced build for the Crown. What you think, will it rock?


I have been very disappointed with flavor from my crown, so I decided to work on a slightly fancier coil. I had been using 24ga. Now I have 4 strands of 30ga Ti twisted and wrapped in 7 loops for a total resistance of 0.2ohms…I’m finding this setup to generate nearly the same vape as a TFV4…but I sure hate building this crown deck. It is especially difficult with hemp.


Do you not need temp control for Ti wire? I picked up Ti coils for tfv4 today because no one here has Ti wire, apparently the shops here are still trying to source good wire without ordering from china and was told my IPv4 was the only mod I had that I could use, that temp control was needed


It is physically possible to vape Ti without TC, but it’s not ideal. It catches on fire when you dry burn, so it’s a bit more dangerous. Kinda fun to do on purpose when you’re about to rebuild tho. I’m terrible. :frowning:


I’m pretty sure it will, but you know how I feel about single coil decks.

Once you get your 22g, give your TFV4 another shot with that and let me know what you think. I think the TFV4 was built for the 22g Ti.