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Article: Is Vaping Sticky Enough?


Very good read. :wink:


Awesome! Thanks for sharing this!


Now that’s a candidate that’s gonna deserve her P.H.D. Great article.


Excellent read! Thank you for posting it!


This is why we can make a difference here by helping as many people as possible to be successful at DIY. The “stickiness” can get a boost from the creative hobby that is DIY. The Gang here on ELR put equal effort into helping “passers by” to find better hardware too. Thanks for sharing as this likely explains why we see lots of newbies come and go …they’re still smoking …it’s just easier, but Vaping is way healthier, and for me loads of compelling fun!


It definitely can be sticky though. As the article says, despite almost 0 marketing and a lot of misleading anti propaganda 13% of people quit smoking with the help of vaping in 2013/2014.
Imagine the stickiness of vaping if the misinformation would stop and they would spend our tax money to actually educate smokers about vaping and help them to pick out the device that would be best for them. Have free flowing information about it and talk to vapers who did stop smoking, get a hold of the people who didn’t and find out why it didn’t work for them and get better products out instead of hampering the business.
Hell, vaping isn’t even an official word in the dictionary yet.


It took me over a year to find a sweet spot with mods and tanks. You have to be determined to quit.