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As promised Eleaf one each review of the kiya



Thanks. My wife will absolutely love this.


Great review, Smiley, thank you!


You are more than welcome. Pleasure is all mine. Something new for me. It was interesting.


@SmilingOgre I can’t get enough of your OgreVision reviews !!!


Lol, It’s an acquired taste for sure, but thanks!!!


You’re welcome. Realized I missed this one when you released it, but I found it anyway. With ALL the YT video heads out there, your reviews are a welcome BREAK from the same old same old, refreshing, and I can actually watch your reviews instead of sitting THROUGH a review.


I can only say I’m honored that you think so and I am very glad you enjoy them. Watching my own reviews, I don’t see anything special but I think that’s pretty normal. Regardless, it really does make a difference to know someone is getting something out of them.


I missed this one too, thanks for pointing it out. Who doesn’t love OgreVision? Point them out, we can send Ogre to there home with some BBQ sauce and a grill…Oh yeah!

I really dig your videos @SmilingOgre and the opening cloud check was classic :+1: I hope you continue on.


You are much too kind to my friend although I am kinda diggin the travelin grillin Ogre concept. I could snag one of those tow behind grillin trailers. OgreVision logo on the side. Kinda like Publisher’s clearinghouse but with a different surprise. “Look mommy! I wonder if he’s coming to our house!”


Thanks for this review of this extremely stealthy device! It is very petite. Sorry I took so long to see this review and comment, buth HEY i’m not a whole year late (yet). Keep up the good work!


Thanks, lol. All good. It is a tiny one.


Your first scene, I knew you were holding a device but I couldn’t see it at all. Then the HUGE CLOUD! we may need the specs on your hands, maybe Ogres have huge hands?
or maybe…


That is hilarious!