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Ask the Chef(s)


You are a true flavorist! Man, those pics are making me hungry!


Thanks brother!!

Making some sushi today :wink:


Beautiful! And now I want sushi…thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s enough there for my wife, but what about me? :smiley:


First let me say my hat is off to those posting here as cooking is not something I am good at, my wife does it all

BUT I do my after turkey day special sandwich that my kids laughed at until they finally tasted one.

I have done this every year after Thanksgiving dinner and before the left over turkey finally gets made into turkey salad ever since I was probably 8 or 10 years old.

Ingredients: Anything left over

Trust me anything at all left over from Thanksgiving dinner will work

But this year we have
Potato Bread — but any bread will do with a coating of mayonnaise
pulled apart or sliced Breast meat form the turkey fixed
stuffing —any kind it does not matter
candied yams or sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes I have used them all
thinly sliced cranberry sauce on top
salt and pepper to taste

WARNING these are messy so if you don’t want stuff all over you or in my case tucked away in my beard for a midnight snack use a knife and fork to consume


When I did Thanksgiving at my house, I always did the same thing. A little bit of everything on some bread for lunch the next day! Best sandwich in the world. :smile: Makes me wish I’d brought home some of those yummy leftovers this year.


Well as I have gotten older I have found that I don’t like soup. I love it! Good soups are hard to find. About a year ago I started buying a soup from Campbell’s (yeah, I know :slight_smile: ) that is Grilled Chicken and Suasage Gumbo. I loved the spiciness of it. Then I found Progresso had a similar soup. It’s even better. I’m all about the spice - a little Cayenne is good for the soul.

I see a lot of intricate and next level stuff in this thread. But how about just good ol’ soup? Got a recipe to share? I’ll tell you what I don’t care for. Watery soups, cheese sauce based soups or all vegetable soups. Other than that I’m all in. Well unless you have a soup with some really fishy fish, like around here Catfish Stew is popular. I think it sucks. But I do love clams and crab.


I have loads of stuff to post for soups!! I love making soups and they are ridiculously easy!! A lot of people over think them and end up having issues but I will post some simple but tasty recipes here for ya when I get a minute!

I’m like you sthrn, never cared that much about soups but now I can’t get enough! Good for the soul :wink:


Cool glad I am not the only one that has done this. I can tell you over the years I have made them so thick you could not stuff it in your mouth to take a bit you had to eat it with a knife and fork

I am sorry I don’t have a recipe for it but in Southern Maryland where I grew up there was a little greasy spoon joint that had the best pulled pork sandwich and bean soup I have ever tasted in my life. Sure do miss that soup and I have tried many times to make it but have never even come close


I’m not a very soupy man, but some soups I like. But they have to have lots of taste. My wife makes a killer Borscht! :smile:


I’ve never had that. And as an American that’s not a word (or arrangement of letters for that matter) that I would typically use. I don’t like the way it sounds coming out of my mouth. But I’m dyed in the wool Southern, so I probably don’t say it right anyway. Too many consonants. But if you say it slowly it’s like Boar Shit. Nah, I can’t think of a single English word that has those sounds together r-sh-t. Ha! :slight_smile: I’m just playing. My cultural experiences are limited at best. I did spend a couple years in Germany back in the 80’s, but didn’t eat that much of the local cuisine. Did have a Cordon Bleu with mushroom gravy once. That was that cat’s ass. I tried to remake it a number of times. Everything was great but the breading.

Anyway, Epicurious has this recipe for Borscht. I wonder if your wife’s is anything like that. I’ve never had beets mixed with anything before. Always either boiled and served as a side dish or pickled with like a salad. I love the taste of them. Share the recipe if you can Lars. If I can get my hands on all the ingredients I’ll give it a shot. It looks very interesting.


I can eat it until it comes out of my ears! A buddy of mine married a woman from Ukraine… She makes it for me, 3 gallons at a time. It’s gone in about 4 days. :yum:


That sounds like me and whenever I get Crawfish tails. I’ll make Etouffee just about every day till it’s gone. I think Louisiana Crawfish must eat crack or something.


…as they say where I’m from, “an yousa da fool iffin yous doa’n sucks da head!”

That’s Louisiana/Mississippi speak for sucking the brains and juice out of the crawfish head after you break it off the body! …have mercy it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a crawfish boil! :pensive: Potatoes, onions, mushrooms, sausage, corn, oranges, lemons and crawfish all in the same boil pot…good eats! :+1:

…it’s soup in it’s own way!


Looks yummy I love Cajun cooking


Thats a lot of food. But I’ve never understood why someone would pay big money for such tinny portions lol.


i guess the same reason people buy 15 ml of juice at premium prices rather than finding a site like this and making 100 ml for quarter of the price!


i guess as this thread is called ask the chefs best throw in a few pic’s of work :wink:

Uploading… Uploading…
Uploading… Uploading…
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Beautiful work custard :+1::+1:


I have to admit that I have been lying to you all… I do smoke.