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whoa too rich for my poor ass hahaha… very very impressed by your menu and I’m sure they’ll be very pleased with the menu


I actually have heard of Don’s! Although I haven’t ordered anything from them, I was referred to them a few times! I love me some etoufee, thanks for sharing!

Florida couldn’t be further from “south” it’s unbelievable…outside of the immigrants the east coast seems to be all the New Yorkers/Canadians and the west side is the midwestern/canadians and central is…well I don’t know cause I steer clear!
Outside of the beaches, women and the weather here on the Gulf it is absolutely horrid here! The jobs are shit, living is shit (unless you’re a millionaire) and the laws are backwards and way before the times…
I should of went to Colorado which was my other option at the time but I made the decision in the end of January a few years back and I don’t know if you have experienced a Chicago winter but white powdered beaches sounded good at the time :wink:


Oh and also I don’t call this cuisine, nor does it require a chef to prepare. Jalepeno Poppers - Strawberry.

So we were preparing for a cookout here at my home for some guests. I had been shopping and got some supplies to make poppers. What I didn’t realize was I had bought 1 tub of regular cream cheese and one strawberry. My wife nearly had a fit but we decided to make all we could with the regular and use the strawberry on what was left. This only turned out to be around 6 poppers with strawberry. It was a tremendous crowd pleaser and we should have made more. Since then I only get the strawberry. Have tried blueberry cream cheese too but I didn’t like it as much.

Cut jalepenos in half, lengthwise.
Remove the seeds
Fill the empty halves with strawberry cream cheese
Wrap with thin sliced bacon and secure with toothpicks
Cook on a perforated grill tray over med-high heat until the bacon is done.


Oh yeah, I’ve done Chicago but only travelling when I was a truck driver. Nah, keep the ORD weather. I happen to like cooler weather but will take the sweltering SC heat over the arctic any day.


One of my favorite things! I don’t care where I am, I eat the sh*t out of some poppers! I make a chipotle one that’s damn tasty!
I actually make one similar to what you posted but without the strawberry, I’ll have to give that one a try!


My new toys =-)

Minus the tank and mod…that’s there for scale hehe


hey did u try stainless tc on that yet I haven’t had time to buy build one yet?


No I havent yet and I should because the crown coils are SS. I just don’t bother because I have never had an issue with dry wicks and I’m fine hittin it at 60-80 watts…call me lazy but I really don’t see the point


Good morning Chefs.


Setting up for the first funeral…er…wedding of the season…


very lush setting… when ur done do you get to enjoy some of the setting or is it just GET ME OUTTA HERE??? lol


This particular place is right down the street from my house and I have been here loads of times…it’s still beautiful everytime I see it but yeah…get me the hell out is right!! Especially last night, we were hit with a massive storm with a down pour and hurricane like winds…one of the WORST nights of my life last night


damn sorry bro I hate when shit goes bad on a buddy :fearful::fearful::astonished:did you recover ok??? I hope today was better for ya!!!


Yeah, those clouds in the last pic look ominous! I was thinking Cthulhu might make an appearance for the gig!


600 people tonight with a 5 course dinner and they all want it out and served in under 30 minutes…woohoo!


you betta get crackalackin!!!


Hells bells let the fight begin.at times like this I grab my emergency CD find the kitchen CD player and play Elvis’s American trilogy at full wack it helps ha ha


Well I promised more pictures and even though I don’t have much time at the moment, I quickly snapped some of the view from my kitchen tonight :cocktail:

and this is only their patio! 1 of 4 patios might I say too…
You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s water cascading down most of the columns and stone wall Islands. Plus there’s an infinite pool that goes around the whole outside of the concrete patio. I wish I had time to get a few more, the place is sick…

6.5 Million dollar house with as many rooms as a mall and a car park that you would see under a hotel… all for 2 people…


is that where you’re gonna hold the next ELR vape convention??? lol just borrow it for the weekend I’m sure you can make it happen… haha


Hell yeah! That was only the the guest house in their backyard too!
If I had more time I would of taken a picture of the entire place…next tim :wink: