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Ask the Chef(s)


Like it’s any different for me. I can’t go to a family function without all kinds of baked good under tow.


Yes extremely shrimp


Oh I bet man!

@daath the gods have told me I cant like anything anymore and it’s only 930am! Guess it’s going to be a long grumpy day :wink:


50 likes per day - Do you like everything? :smiley:


Just about! lol Too many kick ass people here, saying too much good stuff!

I mean I would probably only use 1 or 2 a week if I was at…say…VU?

And I really feel compelled to like what you just said! What can I say…Im a LIKEable guy :wink:


That actually sounds like a brilliant idea…I’m sure Lars wouldn’t mind flying us yanks to Copenhagen for a weekend (or 2)
He’s just nice like that


That would be fun, wouildn’t it?! I’d fire up the sous vide machine and the grill for sure :wink:


lol :wink:

Now you’re talking my language brother!!


A few of my magic wands…I love these babies :slight_smile: I have dozens upon dozens in a huge case and it will be hard to get these over to you Lars…customs may be a bitch


@JohnZena whatcha think of this cake! I am not a pastry chef at all, I can do pastries I just don’t enjoy it. We had an event for a Jordan collector

100% edible


I’d say that one was a slam dunk ;D


Great looking dish’s I to am a chef not quite at your level but will post some pictures later.left my phone at work on a split shifts


Please do! I’m by no means trying to set a bar here everything and anyone is welcome to post anything they like!


I’m almost motivated to cook a Sunday Dinner. Almost being very key.


Sounds great! I’ll be there in a couple hours

The best meal I can have, is one that I don’t have to cook myself!


I think we should go Italian today. Let’s create the menu. This is way late to start this though.


Here’s 3 dishes

Cod fillet,pomme daulphine,crispy bacon,courgette,chive dressing

Lamb rump,heirloom tomoto ,feta,basil tart,potato croquettes,aubegiene sauce

Pork belly ,mash,poached peach,carrot purée,cider and peach sauce




I’m getting hungry here.