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Ask the Chef(s)


Lamb is my favorite. With all the cooking I have done over the years I have never made lamb. Go figure. It makes no sense except for the fact that there was always someone who detested it or the smell. I love it.


All that stuff looks great bro! Whatcha talkin bout? lol

I’m a big fan of lamb myself John not so much leg as I am Rack/chops, wild boar is pretty fun as well, nice and peppery pork

I always wanted to get into molecular gastronomy, not necessarily for a restaurant just more out of fun. I think that’s why I love mixing juice so much, in a way it’s kind of like molecular gastronomy


So, question to the chefs:

So to boil water…you fill up a pot of water, turn on the stove eye to high…and then what?

Kidding of course! I am in awe of the creative minds and outstanding talents of chefs! You guys are my favorite special individuals! I’ve got no problem dropping $300 on a dinner for two when it’s something like what I’ve seen in the photos above!

The one thing my parents taught me was how to enjoy fine dining for 3 1/2 hours! It’s absolutely my favorite thing to do in the whole world. Jeebus ya’ll are making me want to make a reservation for the evening meal!


-Red Bull with pineapples in suspension topped with vanilla bean air

  • Pear/peach flan with 5 spice honey sphereification
    -Hot Bubblegum filled flan over cotton candy
    Not any fancy cuisine but i love molecular gastronomy and my wife too.


Dig it!!
There’s nothing like running around like crazy on a busy Saturday night sending out plates left and right when one of your servers walks up to you and hands you something like this…


Cook her ramen XD


It’s unbelievable the things I hear now a days! The best one yet is a lady that said she is DEATHLY allergic to salt! It wasn’t she had to avoid salt or remove any extra salt from her diet, she was adamant that she was literally deathly allergic to salt! lol um…lady…you need to go back to biology/science school and freshen up on what our bodies are made up of :slight_smile:


So grabbing the epipen whenever she sweats hehe people live in bubbles nowadays every kid is allergic to everything. When i was in elementary like 1 kid had peanut allergies and that was it.


I have some stupid allergies myself. None of them created in my head. I have a suspicion vg is on the list.


My suggestion…here you go lady!


I can’t have that!?! I’m allergic to water, seriously I will die if any form of water even touches my body!


http://www.people.com/article/alexandra-allen-utah-teen-allergic-to-water :smiley:


Here’s a question to those of you who are trapped…err… married or living with someone who does the brunt of the daily cooking?


Well I’ll be F****d 7 ways to sunday, I am currently shoving my foot in my mouth…


My wife does the cooking - lately we’ve been ordering out a lot :stuck_out_tongue: I sometimes cook, but that tend to be more interesting “gourmet” dishes :slight_smile: hehe


Me and mine have kinda been in a cooking drought. We have been getting home later than usual and to tired to start cooking. Take out has cost way to much and no way as nutricious. We were just discussing getting out of that rutt.


That a boy :wink:

It’s an easy rutt to fall in to but a hard one to get out of! Especially with those late nights!


You know the ironic thing in my house is I’m a chef as we all now know but my wife actually went to culinary school for years and when she got out she hated the actual restaurant business so she never went any further with it-

But the irony is she is the only person I know that actually BURNS WATER…consistently!! lol
I wish I would of known I was going to make this thread because I shit you not this girl just FRIED the shit out of one of my nice pans last night and I should of taken a picture!!! It’s currently soaking in the hopes I can save it!


I’ve gained 15 pounds during that stretch. Puts me about 30 pounds to much. I have 2 addictions. Vaping and good food.


I wish there was just 1 pill you take everyday that gives your body everything it needs without all that issue…
but then again I would be out of a job…