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Augvape Boreas V2, who is getting one?


TEASES! it’s a POS now, lol


@anon43276706 @mjag did anyone end up getting the Boreas v2? If so, how are u building and wicking?


I did get one but late, looked like the interest in the V2 died down and my review que was big so I decided to skip it. I will say it is so different from the OG Boreas that the V2 moniker makes no sense, they should have called it something else. I like but don’t love the Boreas V2.

As far as coil placement I liked it where the airflow came just from under the coils. Wicking is not as easy as the original, you definitely don’t want to stuff the wick channels, just enough to get a seal worked best for me.


It sound that u liked the OG better than the v2


I actually did, I forgot how good the OG was until I put the same build in both to compare.


The original boreas is what I compare everything to, and the v2 took away the best part, only 5ml max capacity? Why? The first one was so perfect! They stopped making the v1 too, so if anybody finds one you better grab it up, eciggity had them and I tried to get one, but they had just sold the last one:(


Nope, I’m going for the Bravo because it was designed by a fellow vet. I like that.


Yea that was my first option. But it wasn’t on the market. I’m gonna keep my eyes open.


Cool, you were talking about starting to build in the other thread right? If you can find a boreas they are super easy to build on and have really great flavor.


Thanks. You were a lot of help btw :+1:


I just got mine a few days ago. Wicked it once. It leaked. It also leaks ever time I refill. Any specific tips on how to prevent leaking?
Burping? Something with airflow? Wicking method?
If you think there is a YouTube video tutorial that helps address this issue please point me in the right direction.


This was the last build I put in there, haven’t used it in maybe 2 to 3 weeks.

For my vaping style this worked best, cotton fluffed out and tails thinned and the wick barely seen in the wick holes. I am a chain vaper, I sometimes take 6 or 7 hits in a row so if my wicking is too tight then I can get dry hits. If you don’t vape that way then definitely use a little more cotton. You don’t want the cotton packed in there but enough that you can get it into the wicking slots without a lot of effort.

Daniel from djlsb vapes on youtube does good wicking tutorials. He uses a little more cotton that I do though but he doesn’t look to be a chain vaper as well.

The wicking on the V2 is more tricky than it should be, that is definitely a con.

By the way, that build I showed sat that way with juice in it for those 2 or 3 weeks and not a leak even when laying down. You will get condensation when vaping it though through the airholes.

Oh yeah, another tip, don’t fill it up to the top, leave a little space when you refill. The only time I sprung a small leak is when I over filled it.


I’ve seen his video. It still leaks with him on camera when he refills.

I will do that because I’m a chain vaper too