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Augvape Boreas V2, who is getting one?


I have to admit I like the look, just hoping it is as good or better than the original.


The black chrome color and the drip tip look bad ass, id buy it just to look mean!


Yep, I am thinking the same thing, digging the look for sure.


tip is something different too, CF lovers would sure to grab one w/o looking at the guts of it


Speaking of that. I’d really like to see the guts of it. If the guts look as badass as the rest of it, I’m in!


I just so need this.


Loving the look of it!


@Ken_O_Where have you seen this ?


Pretty sweet, I love the tip! @mjag, I’ll wait to buy it until I read your review… :wink:


You would like the tip!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, thank you sweetheart.

Don’t have one yet but am hoooooooping to get one soon but more than likely a week or so out.


Oh I know you don’t have one yet… I’ll wait patiently! :grin:


Me likey! Thing looks sexy


So I got an email from subtank supply telling me the Boreas V2 was available.
I went to their website to check it out. There are 2 colors available black and stainless.
Looking at the picture I couldn’t tell what color the one in the picture was, is it black or is it a dark stainless?
So I wrote to subtank supply asking which color the one pictured was. They wrote me back immediately telling me that the one pictured was glossy black and included this picture.

That doesn’t look like the one they have pictured

So … does anyone have any idea of what color that is? Is it black or a dark stainless?


I just got another reply from subtank supply. Apparently the one pictured on their release is stainless, not glossy black.

Subtank supply wrote:

No that pic is not gloss black. That pic is stainless steel version. In looks shinier than those pics look.

On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 5:16 AM Subtank Supply subtanksupply@gmail.com wrote:
Those are there stock photos. The pic I sent is what they look like. The stsinkess is shiny stsinkess. It is what it is. That’s all we have. Gold is coming soon its shiny gold.


There is no black chrome. There is gloss black and there is stainless steel. They will have gold soon, it’s a shiny gold :laughing:


Hope the black stainless is out soon then cause the glossy black doesn’t even come close to badass lvl


According to Subtank supply, there will be no black stainless. There will be glossy black, stainless.
And a shiny gold coming soon.


Thats a shame…that gunmetal with the black drip tip looks sick.
Dont quite fancy it in gloss black …SS maybe…


To bad for augvape that dark as would have sold many more units me thinks