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Autocompleting flavors is now more effective


Autocompleting flavors is now more effective - It is now sorted by number of recipes as well. The green number in parenthesis at the end, indicates the number of recipes that the flavor is a part of.

Please report back, if it doesn’t function as intended!


I just did a recipe just to see if I could tell a difference in the change and it didn’t seem any different no numbers or colors ?


I did a test recipe and can see the green numbers in parenthesis to the right of the flavor.


Ok imma try again.

I’m on my phone I wonder if that matters versus the computer. Bc I still don’t see any colors or numbers when I add a flavor ?


In a previous upgrade I had to totally log out and back in to see the changes. I even tried simply quitting and restarting my browser and that wasn’t enough. I think it depends on how the device’s operating system caches certain data.


You might need to clear your cache for it to work :smile:


I cleared it by my battery doctor. Still no change. I will power down my phone and see if that helps. I also logged out and back in, nothing different.

Update :wink: powering down my iPhone did it ! Nice job daath it looks great !


I tend to cycle my iPhone on/off every two or three days; seems to keep everything happy and issue free.


Thanks @daath for doing this! It helps me choose the correct or “globally chosen” flavor name listing when adding a flavor to my stash.


Figures it was something I was doing . I should do this more often jimk pretty terrible about keeping updates and all.


Very nice work daath. Thank you so much for all your work and keeping things interesting!


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