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Ave40 Vape Gear Update, Promotion, Coupon Codes, Giveaway and More!


Dear all,

May you prefer the CoilArt MAGE RDA Tank on ave40!

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/coilart-mage-rda-tank.html]The MAGE RDA[/URL][/B] is a 24mm RDA constructed of 304 stainless steel and paired with a black derlin drip tip to make it 40mm in overall height. The wide 510 sloped delrin drip tip also functions as the entire top cap to prevent your lips from making contact with a hot metal surface after some chain vaping. It allows users to vape at high wattages as this tank is designed to provide an extraordinary vape experience with the benefits of its unique airflow system. The MAGE RDA is a high performance platform designed to bring you flavor and provide great vapor production!

Which color will you like here?
It has 6 stylish colors for you to choose~~

Compact package and competitive price!

Have to say, this MAGE RDA by CoilArt really worth to try,
Comes with 24K Gold Plated Deck, Bottom Airflow and PEEK Insulator, it has a power feature!
Appreciate you to know more detail and drop us a email on info@ave40.com
[URL=https://www.ave40.com/coilart-mage-rda-tank.html]Hurry to check on ave40>>[/URL]


[URL=http://www.ave40.com]AVE40[/URL] is connected with Alibaba. Since Established in 2013, AVE40 grows with a 80-person team for business development and services. Passionate and energetic, the team offers a wide array of vapor products with their considerate services. In 2016, AVE40 tops its sales volume of over 75 million US Dollars. AVE40 covers over 1,000 vapor shops and major online stores in China, taking 80% of the domestic customer groups.

The [URL=https://www.ave40.com/brand-list]Best e-cigarette Brands[/URL] you want know are gathered here!
Are you ready to experience the e-cigarette Brands feast?

Enter and enjoy now!
([COLOR=#ff0000]Click the pic in[/COLOR])
[URL=https://www.ave40.com/brands/eleaf-ismoka] [/URL]
[URL=https://www.ave40.com/brands/smoant] [/URL]

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/brand-list]More e-cigarette brands please visit on ave40>>[/URL], appreciate you to share us which brand do you prefer here!
and hope you will have a deeply understand of e-cigarette brands on ave40, any problem or suggestion please contact with info@ave40.com.


Dear all,
Long time no see!

Today i bring the review of [URL=https://www.ave40.com/pre-sales-ijoy-captain-pd270-box-mod.html]IJOY Captain PD270 BOX MOD[/URL], have you ever know this cool baby?
Now follow with me~~

The[U][URL=https://www.ave40.com/pre-sales-ijoy-captain-pd270-box-mod.html] [/URL][/U][URL=https://www.ave40.com/pre-sales-ijoy-captain-pd270-box-mod.html]IJOY Captain PD270[/URL] I received is black–colored and it definitely arrives in style. It comes in a lavish two-floor cardboard box with the black and white color combo. It is tastefully presented and matches the general color scheme.The contents are set on two separated floor. The IJOY Captain PD270 mod are on the top sections and other accessories include two 3000mAh 20700 cells, a microUSB cable, a 18650 cell adaptor a warrant card are on the bottom.

From the outside, IJOY Captain PD270 feels like nothing short of a well-made device. It has a simple yet fashion accents of its design. The artistic-designed plates are surrounded by delicate slopes and edges and the curves on the edges gives a soft feel working in to pair with the high-grade leather stickers. Captain PD270 released 3 color options – Black,Gun metal and Rainbow as well as 18 different leather stickers. The Captain PD270 logo nested at the back gives a distinct iJOY touch. It completing the coherent design without being too distracting.

The 234-watt power output is a average spec nowadays, but the High Quality IWEPAL Gene Chip works efficiently making it a high-powered mods to produce excellent vapor for days.

The OLED display is big enough to gives most of the commands. It is sufficient bright and you won’t have any issue reading the screen even under the bright lighting. Also, the interface with battery status, resistance value, power output etc. are easy to read.

IJOY Captain PD270 is loaded with most of the necessary modes. Press the fire button 3 times then you will enter into the main menu with 5 setting modes – Power mode,TC mode,TCR mode,Standby time set and Puff reset.

The real star of the show is, of course, that dual 20700 battery. Unlike the existing devices that carry the 18 mm diameter and 65 mm height better known as an 18650 batteries, IJOY Captain PD270 will pack the larger diameter and taller 20700 cells (20 mm dia x 70 mm height). This aims to have an important impact on current standard of battery capacity.

Want know more?
See more details on [URL=http://archive.ave40.com/blogging/ijoy-captain-pd270-review.html]ave40 bolg>>[/URL]
please note: This IJOY Captain PD270 BOX MOD is hot sale with competitive price on ave40, hurry to order if you interested in, quantities limited!

Thanks for your kindly viewing, any problem or suggestion, appreciate you to contact with info@ave40.com


Hey guys,

Today i recommend you to buy this [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/eleaf-aster-total-starter-kit-1600mah.html]Eleaf ASTER Total Starter Kit 1600mAh[/URL].[/B]

The ASTER Total is an integration of both a battery and a tank in one unit yet still retains the ergonomically redesigned shape of original ASTER that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. It is comfortable and easy to use with conveniently placed fire button and direct output voltage system. The e-liquid can easily be refilled by removing the top cap and the airflow can be adjusted to your preference. Also you can change the color of your ASTER Total whenever you like by replacing its leather sticker.
Highly recoomend! Time only limited in 3 days, hurry to get on ave40~~
Original price: $35
[B]Now is only $29! ! ![/B]

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/eleaf-aster-total-starter-kit-1600mah.html]Click in to buy>>[/URL][/B]

[B]Product Features & Spec:[/B]
Size: 37mm23.5mm116mm
Output mode: Bypass
Output wattage: 25W max
Resistance range: 0.15ohm-3.5ohm
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Battery capacity: 1600mAh
Color: Black, silver

[B]Product Package:[/B]
1×ASTER Total
2×IC 1.1ohm Heads
1×USB Cable
1×User Manual[/COLOR]

Appreciate you to know more details on ave40, the top service and competitive price waiting you there!
Any feedback please contact with info@ave40.com


Hello all,

How to use disposable battery safety, here give you some tips!
Let we go~~

  1. If you drop your mod, place it in a sealed metal container immediately, in case the internal batteries vent, then take them to be recycled bin as soon as possible.

  2. Never set your devices resting on a flammable surface. Also, it’s highly recommended to unscrew the tank from the mod after using it. Don’t expose the devices to the strong sunlight, such as besides the window or car dashboard.

  3. Use the proper coils. Most mods have a specification limit to the coil they can pair with. The User manual is especially important.

  4. Purchase authentic items from liscenced dealers, and don’t buy a second-hand device if you aren’t sure about the quality. That cheap devices might failed to go through the proper tests

  5. When using a USB cable, make sure the power output match the mod because there is always the voltage limit of the battery. Don’t overheat or overcharge the battery.

Is it useful for you guys, help it helpful!
Now i want to recommend you this ave40 [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/joyetech-cuboid-tap-with-procore-aries-kit.html]Joyetech Cuboid TAP with ProCore Aries Kit[/URL][/B]

Joyetech CUBOID TAP Full Kit with ProCore Aries Tank in ave40 now, the brand new cuboid tap from joyetech. CUBOID TAP applied with the pressure-sensitive system and vibration motor, 1.3inch OLED display and 228W max output, it will bring you excellent vaping experience.
[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/joyetech-cuboid-tap-with-procore-aries-kit.html]You may find more details on ave40>>[/URL][/B], any feedback welcome to contact with us: info@ave40.com


Hello all,

Here is a good news!
Hurry to check this [URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-mod-co-pulse-pod-vape-pen-system.html]Limitless Mod Co Pulse Pod Vape Pen System [/URL]----Cut 6% off now!
Original price: $29.90, [B]]Now is only $ 27.90
i know many guys interested in the Limitless Mod Co Pulse Pod Vape Pen, quantities limited, order first~~

Want to get more performance of it on ave40, [URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-mod-co-pulse-pod-vape-pen-system.html]click in>>[/URL][/B]
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[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-lmc-box-mod-200w.html]Limitless LMC Box Mod 200W[/URL][/B]

  • Three Firing Mods : Soft, Standard, And Powerful
  • Interchangeable Magnetic Plates On Front And Back
  • Mirrored Finished Display Screen
  • Protection : Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit & Low Resistance Protection, 6.5V Cutoff, Internal Temperature Protection, And Excessive Amperage Protection

So cool, isn,t it!
510 sliver-plated spring loaded threading conection;compatible with 25mm diameter atomizer

What’s more, it also with interchangeable plates!

Do not forget to get more details on [URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-lmc-box-mod-200w.html]ave40 best e-cigarette[/URL] on-line store, welcome to drop us a email on info@ave40.com


Hey frineds,
:wink: How about your weekend?

Here bring you the [URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/ave-joyetech-cuboid-tap-with-procore-aries-kit.html’]Cuboid Joyetech TAP with Procor Aries Kit[/URL] -[COLOR=#ff0000][B]in stock[/B][/COLOR]
Five different style for you to choose!

  • Innovative TAPTEC technology changes what matters
  • Pressure-sensitive system and vibration motor applied
  • 1.3inch OLED display and output 228W max
  • Flip type top-fill design for great convenience
  • ProC Series heads with intense flavor and clouds

Thanks for your visiting, welcome to contact with us on info@ave40.com, if you interested in [URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/ave-joyetech-cuboid-tap-with-procore-aries-kit.html’]Joyetech CUBOID TAP Full Kit on ave40![/URL]


Hello friends,
;)Here i bring some personally opinion of e-cigarette, welcome to share your health vaping here!

Unlike the traditional way of quit-smoking, Vaping helps simulate the psychological attachment and imitation you’ve developed with the act of long-term smoking a cigarette. Such act is a big part of what the smoker is actually addicted to. When you’re Vaping, you go through those similar motions attached to smoking but at the same time you gradually eliminate actual tobacco smoking.

Cost of vaping is far less expensive than any of the possible smoking cessation methods and
unlike a number of the available smoking cessation methods, vaping is something that you don’t need a prescription to access, which has the convenience and versatility factor that cannot be denied.

Also, there is the advantage of flexibility of nicotine content in vaping. Vapers can try to quit smoking by slowly reducing the nicotine content. Vaping gives that alternative to allow you to continue to fulfill your nicotine desire, but with no added danger.

Clearly the ability to choose what amount of nicotine you want in your e-liquid is a great benefit. All e-juice brand on ave40.com sells them in a variety of nicotine levels (including 0mg). The content is measured by milligram (mg). and the price per bottle is quite reasonable.
[URL=http://www.ave40.com]ave40[/URL] also have over 100 e-cig experts to help customers determine what works for best for them. If you are ready to quit smoking; vaping sounds like a great fit for you, give it a try and get a cool device on [URL=http://www.ave40.com]www.ave40.com[/URL].


[B]In stock!!![/B]

High performance of this [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/pre-sale-smoant-charon-218w-tc-box-mod.html]Smoant Charon 218W TC Box Mod[/URL][/B]

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/pre-sale-smoant-charon-218w-tc-box-mod.html][B] [/B][/URL]

  • Three Memory Mode
  • Superior Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Modernized Design Element
  • Leather Wrapped Battery Cover
  • Intuitive Large OLED Display
  • Oversized Firing Mechanism
  • Low Resistance/Overtime/Overheating/Reverse

Personally, this Smoant Charon 218W TC is worth to buy with it compact quality and power function, the price is also competitive, [URL=https://www.ave40.com/pre-sale-smoant-charon-218w-tc-box-mod.html]buy on ave40>>[/URL]


Hi vapors!

Here bring a good news to you all, ave40 hold a great promotion now, you can get $10 off when order over $100 or more, time limited and sold exclusively.

[B]Hurry to join us and enjoy this vaping feast now!!![/B]

[B][URL=‘http://www.ave40.com’]Here to enter>>[/URL][/B]
(fill the info to get your coupon code)

Hope you will get your favorite vaping tools on ave40, and if you have any question or suggestion feel free to contact with us: info@ave40.com


Dear all,

How are you those days, today i,d like to recommend you “[B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/aspire-breeze-kit.html’]Aspire Breeze Kit[/URL][/B]” which in stock!

Introducing the all new Aspire Breeze. The Breeze is Aspire’s latest all-in-one device that employs a compact and ergonomic design, no matter how you hold or grip it, it feels good in the hand. The Breeze has a built-in refillable tank that holds 2ml of juice and is compliant with TPD regulations.

[B]features with:[/B]

  • Drip tip protective cap to protect your drip tip
  • 2ml liquid tank, meet your daily vaping needs
  • Built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery
  • Compact and easy to carry
    *Charging via Micro USB port, which is easy to find cables

Which color do you perfer?
—four color for you choose!

AVE40 offer best e-cigarette to you, more details about [URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/aspire-breeze-kit.html’]Aspire Breeze Kit check in>>[/URL], any question or suggestion feel free to contact: info@ave40.com


Hello vapors!

Here comes the [B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html’]Vaporesso Revenger TC Kit with NRG Tank[/URL][/B], an 220W output power revenger MOD and 5ml capacity NRG tank. Massive 0.96-inch screen and 2A quick charging system upgrades your vaping experience to a new stage. The RCT function offers a precise way to know the charging time. NRG tank, which features the innovative interchangeable GT core and slide-n-fill design, will bring a pure flavor and an easy operation to you. Revenger and NRG tank is a great combination to provide a superb vaping experience. 3 colors for your selection.

[B]WOW!!! [/B]
Compact proformance

[B]Best features:[/B]
Compact, stylish and powerful
Huge 0.96-Inch OLED screen
2A quick charge capability
Replaceable 18650 battery
Convenient slide-n-fill top fill system

Thanks for your viewing, if you interested in this cool and stylish Vaporesso Revenger, [B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html’]check on ave40>>[/URL][/B]
Any question or suggestion, appreciate you to drop us a email on info@ave40.com


Hi dear,

Electronic cigarette used in the main components:
The main components of smoke oil are:
Propylene glycol (referred to as PG, edible, FDA certified safety)
Vegetable glycerin (referred to as VG, FDA certified safety)
Edible flavor

Most of the smoke for the VG + PG in proportion to mix, learn from each other. And for the special population, a few pure VG smoke oil (non-special population, not recommended pure VG. In addition, a little sweet no smoke oil for the pure PG, that is, pure propylene glycol, the human body is not good, with caution!).

VG is an acronym for English vegetable glycerin
Since VG is extracted from plants, many users of electronic cigarettes think VG is healthier. VG traits are viscous, larger than the weight, resulting in large smoke. Like VG people think VG pumping up the throat comfortable, some people did not feel. VG is less stimulating and allergic than PG. VG is naturally sweet, and some users think it is so good, no longer add sweet taste to sweet taste of smoke. VG’s sweetness is not from the sweetener or sugar in the essence, but the taste of VG itself, which is better. However, some users feel that VG’s sweetness is too large, overshadowed the taste of the smoke itself.

PG has been identified as a safe food additive by the FDA

However, the reaction from the user of the electronic cigarette, some users in the use of PG containing smoke after the emergence of allergies and other adverse reactions. Allergies are big and small, light throat uncomfortable, severe body itching, and accompanied by dizziness, nausea symptoms. If there is an allergic reaction, these people because of the selection of pure VG smoke oil.

VG advantages
(1), smoke big
(2), health, allergic reactions less
(3), natural sweetness
(4), throat comfortable
VG Disadvantages
(1), smoke oil sticky, easy to guide oil
(2), hit the throat is poor
(3), sweetness may be covered with scent
(4), with dry mouth and sputum
PG advantages
(1), easy to mix flavors
(2), hit a strong sense of larynx
(3), smoke oil with good oil
PG defects
(1) although the FDA finds safety, but there are still adverse reactions reported
(2) smoke oil need to add sweeteners to increase sweetness

Thanks for your viewing, if you want to choose health and guarantee vaping tool, appraciate you to know more details on [URL=‘http://www.ave40.com/’]www.ave40.com[/URL], also welcome to drop us a email on info@ave40.com


[B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/ijoy-20700-battery.html’]IJOY 20700 Battery[/URL][/B]

IJOY 20700 High Drain Rechargeable Battery comes with 3000mAh battery capacity with 40A max continuous discharging current. It can be used with most 20700 regulated and mechanical MODs. Long storage life, light weight and high energy density. Get it as a spare part.

More details welcome to check on [B][URL=‘http://www.ave40.com’]www.ave40.com[/URL][/B]
Highly recommend you to order this IJOY 20700 Battery which comes with compact performance!
now it is in stock, first order, first serve!
Appreciate you to drop us a email on info@ave40.com


What is the risk of smoking to the human body? For many old smokers, would rather eat a meal, but also can not smoke a cigarette. In fact, smoking great harm to the human body, in addition to often said that led to lung cancer, there are many hazards of smoking.

What is the risk of smoking to the human body?
What is the risk of smoking on the human body - smoking to reduce life expectancy

The data show that the average smoking per person will shorten the life of 11 minutes, of course, this figure is not necessarily accurate, but one thing is certain that non-smokers than long life to smokers

What is the risk of smoking to the human body - affects the quality of sleep

A recent survey shows that smokers sleep less time than non-smokers, and sleep quality is also poor. Poor quality of sleep will not only make people in the wake of the mental state after the poor, if the habit of poor quality of sleep, but also produce obesity, diabetes and other issues.

What are the effects of smoking on the human body - affect fertility

do you know? Long-term smokers have lower sperm fertility than low-smokers by at least 75%. This is mainly cigarettes nicotine in mischief, because sperm can recognize nicotine, and its reaction, over time will let fertilization capacity decline.

What is the risk of smoking to the human body - induced cardiovascular disease

According to the study, smokers with coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease incidence was significantly higher than non-smokers, smoking will make vascular endothelial dysfunction, thrombosis increased, inflammatory response and oxidative modification.

What is the risk of smoking to the human body - leading to osteoporosis

Do you still have osteoporosis? Yes, smoking can indeed lead to osteoporosis, the principle of nicotine in tobacco can affect the absorption of calcium, nicotine inhibition of osteoblasts, stimulate osteoclast activity.

So the danger of smoke can not be underestimated, medical research shows that electronic cigarettes may cause after 1997, due to smoking caused by the death toll related diseases decreased by 21%, I suggest you use electronic cigarette smoking cessation. so i highly recommend you to choose e-cigarette on www.ave40.com, which is Committed to to a health vaping style.


Hi Vapors!

Today i bring [B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/kanger-five6-kit-316761.html’]Kanger Five6 Kit[/URL][/B] which [B]in stock[/B] now!

[B]Best features:[/B]
Humanized Design and Easy to use Top Refilling System
Dual Coil Construction, Integrate 3 Selectable Coil
Temperature Sensitive Glass
Selectable Coils Switch Tank LED Indicators
222W Max Out Put
Powered by 5pcs 18650 Batteries

[B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/kanger-five6-kit-316761.html’]Click on www.ave40.com>>[/URL][/B]
Personally, i really interested in this Kanger Five6 Kit, for the ton’s of power 220w and power Rank, if you interested in the Kanger Five6, hurry to order, first order, gets first! Any question or suggestion appreciate you to drop us a email on info@ave40.com


Vapors here!

ave40 giveaway here, big chance to win free [URL=https://www.ave40.com/tesla-nano-120w-tc-box-mod.html]Tesla Nano 120W[/URL] !

Simple participation:
[B]Step1[/B] Create an AVE40 account and verify your phone

[B]Step2[/B] Use the “1 On 1 Service” on the top of homepage

[B]Step3[/B] Take a picture of your Vaping moment and post it at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Vk.etc.
Your quality of the post on the product will increase the chance to win!
Also, don’t forget to tag your photos with #ave40 giveaway.

[B]Step4[/B] Screenshot the post page and email us on info@ave40.com, enclosing your ave40 Account ID

[B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/giveaways-615’]Join to win>>[/URL][/B]

[B]Please note:[/B] Time ends on June 15th and will updates the winner list in one week!

:wink: friends, time to show your Photo technology now. Hurry to join in and win the power Tesla Nano 120W!
Good luck to you all~~


Here comes the [B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html’]Vaporesso Revenger 220W[/URL] [/B]in ave40!

Will you like it~~

Do not hesitated, [URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html’]order now>>[/URL]


[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/teslacigs-biturbo-mech-kit.html]Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit[/URL] – in stock
A New Product with fashionable style![/B]

Biturbo Mech is a powerful device that has the ability to fire two RDAs at the sametime for greater vapor productions. Users can add two flavors e-liquid into RDAs and enjoy a complex and unique taste. The device is equipped with buttons for channel selection at the bottom, which allows users to choose between using one RDA or two RDAs. And the dual LED lights enables users to know the usage of this device better. All of these are designed to provide you with an unbeatable taste and quality. Innovation leads to changing life!

[B]3 stylish color for you choose:[/B]

[B]Best features:[/B]
1 or 2 RDAs Arbitrary Switch
Channel Selection Button
Bright LED Indicator
Connector Bridge For RDAs
Airflow Control System
Enjoy Two Flavors Simultaneously

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/teslacigs-biturbo-mech-kit.html]Get more details on ave40>>[/URL]
This [URL=https://www.ave40.com/teslacigs-biturbo-mech-kit.html]Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit[/URL] comes with compact quality and competitive price now, quantities limited and good market! Any question or suggestion, welcome to drop us a email on info@ave40.com