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Ave40 Vape Gear Update, Promotion, Coupon Codes, Giveaway and More!


Hi vapors,
Your big benefits here,
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[B][COLOR=#000000]New arrival recommendation:[/COLOR][/B]
[URL=https://www.ave40.com/ave-eleaf-istick-pico-25-with-ello-kit.html]Eleaf iStick Pico 25 with ELLO Kit[/URL] - [B]in stock[/B]

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/wismec-exo-skeleton-es300-with-kage-atomizer-kit.html]Wismec Exo Skeleton ES300 with KAGE Atomizer Kit[/URL] -[B]in stock[/B]

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/ijoy-captain-subohm-tank.html]IJOY Captain Subohm Tank[/URL] -[B]in stock[/B]

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/teslacigs-biturbo-mech-kit.html]Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit[/URL] - [B]in stock[/B]

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High performance of [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/ijoy-wondervape-rda.html]Ijoy Wondervape RDA[/URL][/B]!

Ijoy Wondervape RDA 24mm, comes with tremendous airflow by both Side and Bottom airflow control,which each can be adjusted separately. The unique designed Two Post Build Deck supports single coil and makes building coils easily. With IJOY Wondervape RDA, you will get unique vaping experience. 4 colors available.

Come and get it, do not forget the 20% off discount for you now!
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Dear all,
What i will bring next?
[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/teslacigs-biturbo-mech-kit.html]Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit[/URL] with power function and nice looks!

I prefer the black one, a cool boy, vaping hero!
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Cool vaper!
[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/wismec-exo-skeleton-es300-with-kage-atomizer-kit.html]Wismec Exo Skeleton ES300 with KAGE Atomizer Kit[/URL][/B]

Which comes with a webbed framework platform while integrating a high-power of 300W maximum output. The top OLED creen makes it a game changer in any aspect. You will acquire optimal flavor and massive cloud with WT series coils! Intuitive slide-top liquid fill will bring you unexpected vaping enjoyment.

[B]Best feature:[/B]

  • Unique transparent body with webbed surrounding design
  • Massive 300W output power & Top OLED screen
  • Brand-new WT coils create huge cloud and pure flavor
  • Slid-top liquid filling design & Creative child lock system

It is amazing for the unique style and compact quality, if you have the same feel with me, [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/wismec-exo-skeleton-es300-with-kage-atomizer-kit.html]Check detail on ave40 here>>[/URL][/B], welcome to drop us a email: info@ave40.com.


Hello everyone,
Long time no see, i just come back form our Dragon Boat Festival, have you experience this festival in china, it is a happiness time for every Chinese, hope you can share this happiness one day.

ok, here bring a preview of Vaporesso Revenger

In the last year, Vaporesso has really put itself out there in the name of innovation, most notably with its excellent starter kits, which are either the greatest, most versatile mod available, or an oversized, ugly, unwieldy epitome of vape excess. And this time, Vaporesso introduce another legendary starter kit- [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html]Vaporesso Revenger kit[/URL][/B]. Let’s take a look!

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html]Vaporesso Revenger kit[/URL] certainly stands out against of the rest because it’s simply made for the design and performance. With a 5mL e-liquid capacity, and 220 watts (with firmware upgrade) power, OMINIBOARD2.0, Vaporesso Revenger was an unapologetic, formidable success in 2017.

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html]Vaporesso Revenger kit[/URL] certainly hinted at a more compact, pocket-friendly design, and it is expected be something a touch of sci-fi. Measuring just 89 mm tall, 28 mm wide, and just 45 mm deep, the Vaporesso Revenger kit is a device that looks diminutive, but feels surprisingly hefty and natural in the hand.

Vaporesso Revenger kit’s body itself has a bit of a curve to it around the edges. It implements the unique friendly In-Mould Labeling (IML) injection coating on aluminum alloy. From the site, the IML can provide greater quality graphics than other traditional decorating methods. The result isn’t quite as pleasing to and it does manage to look quite nice – and maybe more importantly, high-grade. Vaporesso Revenger comes in 3 colors- blue, red, black.

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html]Vaporesso Revenger kit[/URL] adopts an upgraded OMNIBOARD 2.0 combine with OLED screen, supporting VW, VT, ON/OFF SS, Restore Factory Default mode, etc. The 0.91 inch OLED displays more vaping data and easier to operate.

Plus, coming in with a max power output of 220W, the Vaporesso Revenger kit’s highly touted OMNIBOARD 2.0 chipset features other full slate of options, including Real-Time-Clock, Quick Charge System, USB Input Protection as well as the Equalizing Charge System.

An equalizing charge is generally performed as a part of periodic battery maintenance. It is generally a procedure that is applied to serviceable flooded lead acid batteries and fundamentally involves overcharging the batteries.

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.htm’]The Vaporesso Revenger kit Tank Atomizer[/URL] is a revolutionary sub-ohm design that supports power output levels of up to 220 watts. This performance atomizer has an unparalleled top installed GT coils for maximum vapor and flavor production. Its leak free and visually pleasing

Unique Mesh Drip Tip and Slide-n-Fill Design design is just another in a long list of its impressive characteristics that cement this atomizer as a top contender in the high-powered sub-ohm vaping category.

:wink: With a standard retail price of around $85 for this Vaporesso Revenger kit, you can save 20% by shopping at [URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html][U]ave40.com[/U][/URL]


Hello friends,

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Hello friends,
How are you those days!
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Here bring the new arrival one you will like:

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-nrg-tank.html]Vaporesso NRG Tank[/URL] --10% OFF[/B]
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[B][B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/eleaf-ikonn-220-mod.html]Eleaf iKonn 220 Mod[/URL] --10% OFF[/B][/B]
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[B][B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/ave-eleaf-istick-pico-25-mod.html]Eleaf iStick Pico 25 Mod[/URL] --10% OFF[/B][/B]
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[B][B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/ehpro-mod-101.html]Ehpro Mod 101[/URL] --10% OFF[/B][/B]
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Dear all,
Welcome to checkout the new coming [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-reactor-sub-ohm-tank.html]Limitless Reactor Sub Ohm Tank[/URL][/B] on ave40

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-reactor-sub-ohm-tank.html]REACTOR SUBOHM TANK[/URL] is the newest addition to the limiiless family. It is a 24mm, 3ml capacity, hard hitting sub-ohm masterpiece! With coils coming in at 0.5 ohms, we integrated bottom airflow within the coil which ties into th adjustable airflow on the tank to ensure lower temperatures but higher performance! Top fill port for ease of re-fills and avoiding the mess.

It also comes with many best features!

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable bottom airflow control system
  • Top-fill design with removable mouthpiece
  • Threaded chuf cap for top fill access
  • Gold plated comtact pin
  • 0.5ohm coil with integrated bottom airflow

Pretty nice with this [URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-arms-race-200w-box-mod.html]limitless arms Race[/URL], do not hesitated if you interested in, order first, earn more~~
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Do you guys want to see the sample of [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-reactor-sub-ohm-tank.html]Limitless reactor tank[/URL][/B]?
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Which color do you perfer?
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Unboxing video of [URL=‘http://blog.ave40.com/’]vaporesso Revenger[/URL], hope you will like~~

This vaporesso Revenger is popular with many guys for it’s superior feeling and power feature, Believe you won’t want miss~~
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Hello friends,

if you lose your heart to the [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/wismec-exo-skeleton-es300-with-kage-atomizer-kit.html]Wismec Exo Skeleton ES300[/URL][/B], do not forget get it form ave40, 20% off discount and [B][URL=http://www.ave40.com]1 on 1 service[/URL][/B] waiting you there!
Here i bring the blue one, will you interested in?


Dear friends,

Good news!
The new color of [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/voopoo-drag-157w-box-mod.html]voopoo Drag 157W[/URL][/B] break out now, do not waiting, hurry to check~

Powered by the 32-bit super US Gene Fun chip, the VOOPOO DRAG can bring what you have always wanted-Max 157W output power, powerful temperature control of Ni, Ti and SS coils, super mode with 130w and the fastest fire speed ever at 0.025s. You can always keep the mod up-to-date with upgradeable firmware too so you will never miss anything new. The attractive appearance is another feature that makes this mod simply irresistible: don’t miss out!

Also, the design of the box mod is unique, show you here:

Package content:

For more best features, appreciate you to visit on [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/voopoo-drag-157w-box-mod.html]ave40>>[/URL][/B]
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Hello vapors!

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html]Limitless LMC 200w Box Mod New color[/URL][/B] version!

Welcome to check~

Really fascinated by his exquisite and fashion appearance!
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Hello vapors,
Have you check Wotofo The Vaporous Tank?

This Vaporous Tanks comes with many power features

  • 24mm diameter
  • Dual independent posts with four wire holes
  • Single or dual coils building available
  • Embedded deck design for leak-proof

Vapers can use VAPOROUS RDA without worry about any leaking. It really is the best choice for DIY vapers! The WOTOFO VAPOROUS will bring intense flavor and massive cloud production for you. Black and Silver colors.
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Dear vapors,
Do you like this amazing Mod, High performance and compact quality!

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html]Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod New Color[/URL]
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Three Firing Mods : Soft, Standard, And Powerful
Interchangeable Magnetic Plates On Front And Back
Mirrored Finished Display Screen
Protection : Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit & Low Resistance Protection, 6.5V Cutoff, Internal Temperature Protection, And Excessive Amperage Protection

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Amazing Mod!

I really recommend you guys to pay more attention to this [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html]LMC 200W Box mod[/URL][/B], check it and know details form [B][URL=http://www.ave40.com]1 on 1 service[/URL][/B], worth it!
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Limitless has had a great 2-year run as innovators that brought us some of the best vape devices, and the [B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html’]LIMITLESS LMC 200W BOX MOD[/URL][/B], of course, is no exception.

We have an unprecedented dual-cell 18650 powerplant with a front mounted 0.9-inch Mirror screen OLED and controls, and aluminum alloy frame. American street culture influence over this LMC box mod is undeniable, evident in its color combo, the plate’s pattern and the feel of it metal exterior. [B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html’]LMC 200W box mod[/URL][/B] also implements the uneven coating. Very unique and functional. This uneven coating gives ruggedness touches and mirrors the latest industrial street art. Also, the uneven coating provides a certain amount of finger smudge resistance. It keeps grease and stain at bay.

[B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html’]LMC 200W box mod[/URL][/B] has over 10 plates in different colors and themes, namely American-LMCTriangle, ColorBurst-Script, MetalScratch-Script, and Woodburn-LMCScript-Triangle. They are sold on ave40. Cool-designed in graffiti-styled.

Now, 4 new colors plate are popular with most customer, the new version of limitless LMC 200W New Color also is a New era darling!

As for the 200W power output performance, LMC hasn’t skimped on the technical details. They have integrated their upgraded menu functionality into the [URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html’]LMC 200W box mod[/URL].
Which save up 20% on [URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-220w-kit-with-nrg-tank.html?___SID=U’]Ave40[/URL], and you get a game-changing box mod for less than $89.

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Dear customers!

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AVE40 Hold a clearance party for you guys!

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  • [URL=https://www.ave40.com/smok-vape-pen-sub-ohm-tank-2ml-black.html]SMOK Vape Pen Sub Ohm Tank - 2ml-Black[/URL]
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    [B] [/B]
    [B]* [/B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/joyetech-evic-primo-200w-tc-kit-with-unimax-25-atomizer-black-silver.html]Joyetech eVic Primo 200W TC Kit with UNIMAX 25 Atomizer-black-silver[/URL]
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    [B] [/B]
    [URL=https://www.ave40.com/eleaf-istick-tc-200w-vv-vw-box-mod-white.html]Eleaf iStick TC 200W VV/VW Box Mod[/URL]
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    [B] [/B]
    [B]* [/B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/kanger-kone-3000mah-starter-kit-with-pangu-white.html]Kanger KONE 3000mAh Starter Kit with Pangu-White[/URL]
    [B]Come with 40% off![/B]
  • [URL=https://www.ave40.com/tesla-touch-150w-tc-box-mod.html]Tesla Touch 150W TC Box Mod[/URL]
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    [B] [/B]

Quantities limited,hurry to take form ave40!
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Dear frineds,

Check this:
[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-mod-co-pulse-pod-vape-pen-system.html]Limitless Mod Co Pulse Pod Vape Pen System[/URL]
Stylish and easy carry!

The Pulse Pod System Vape Pen is the newest addition to the limitless product line. comes with Rechargeable battery and 8 optional colors of LED light system, worth to take on ave40!
;):wink: Btw, login in ave40 can get 20% off, hurry to check~~

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Dear all,

Your new version vaping tool coming–[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/asvape-michael-vo200-tc-box-mod.html]Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod[/URL][/B]

pic show:

[B]Best feature:[/B]
Michael Mod is using the latest VO200 chip set
Powered by dual 18650 batteries
output wattage can be 200W
Devils Night Edition

Thanks for your viewing, if you interested in the [URL=https://www.ave40.com/asvape-michael-vo200-tc-box-mod.html]Asvape Michael[/URL] , appreciate you to check on ave40, and welcome to drop us a email on info@ave40.com