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Ave40 Vape Gear Update, Promotion, Coupon Codes, Giveaway and More!


Dear all,

Good news to make your whole summer cool!

–[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/giveaways]Limitless LMC 200W Giveaway on ave40[/URL][/B]

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[B]Please Note[/B]: Time Ended in 10th July

Free to take the Limitless 200w with [B]simple rules[/B]:

;):wink: Coming! Actively participate in this [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html/]LMC 200W[/URL][/B] Giveaway, good luck to all my friends here !



It is important to choose a suitable brands with your vaping life!
So will you like those brands in ave40? choose here!


More original [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/brands]best brands on ave40, please click here>>[/URL][/B]

Thanks for your viewing, appreciate you to checkout the [B][URL=‘https://www.ave40.com/brands’]brands on ave40[/URL][/B], if you want to be a wholesaler here please click [B][URL=http://www.ave40.com]1 on 1 service[/URL][/B]. any question or suggestion, please contact with info@ave40.com


[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/tigertek-springer-x-rda.html]TigerTek Springer X RDA[/URL][/B] from Tigertekvape is an innovative rebuildable atomizer that incorporates a unique spring design that removes the need for additional screws. This bespoke RDA supports both single and dual coil setups and has adjustable airflow control for a more precise[URL=http://vaping360.com/what-is-vaping/] vaping[/URL] experience.

[B]Product show:[/B]

other version


  • 43.5mm(with derlin drip tip)

  • Golden plated posts

  • 2 progressive Adjustable airflow system

  • Support both single and dual coils

  • Easy to built coils by 2pcs built-in SS304 Springs

High performance and compact quality, also cost-effective!
If you guys want to know more optional of it, please [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/tigertek-springer-x-rda.html]check on ave40[/URL][/B], any inquiry please contact with info@ave40.com, you may also click 1 on1 service on ave40 page~


Vapors here!

How are you those day!
Here to enjoy the exclusive items on ave40, do not miss the one you like, later will gone!

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/syntheticloud-alpine-rdta-tank-3ml.html]SynthetiCloud Alpine RDTA Tank 3ml[/URL][/B]

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/oumier-maximus-max-rdta.html]Oumier Maximus Max RDTA[/URL][/B]

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-gold-rdta-tank-4-75ml.html]Limitless Gold RDTA Tank 4.75ml[/URL][/B]

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-mod-co-pulse-pod-vape-pen-system.html]Limitless Pulse Pod System Kit Vape Pen[/URL][/B]

More optional of ave40 exclusive please visit here: [URL]https://www.ave40.com/exclusive[/URL]
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Vapor here!
Hurry to first check this unboxing video of [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/oumier-maximus-max-rdta.html]Oumier Maximus Max RDTA[/URL][/B]


[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/vgod-elite-mech-mod.html]VGOD Elite Mech Mod[/URL][/B]
Prominently featuring its emboldened VGOD Flag Crest design, the Elite Mech Mod, by VGOD, offers unparalleled presence and style that is only matched by its performance and durability. The elegantly designed mechanical mod features a “flare grip” chassis with hard hitting copper construction. A 510 hybrid connection, copper contact, along with a copper framed aerospace grade carbon fibber switch, ensures you get the maximum performance and look good while doing it.

Stylish performance and easy carry design!

Pretty nice of this [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/vgod-elite-mech-mod.html]VGOD Elite Mod[/URL][/B]!
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Here to recommend you the big discount of [URL=https://www.ave40.com/starter-kits/box-mod-starter-kits][B]vape box mod[/B][/URL], hurry to checkout and do not hesitate to get form ave40

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/joyetech-atopack-penguin-50w-kit-316979.html]Joyetech Atopack Penguin 50W Kit[/URL][/B]
an attractive and compact starter kit with the most penguin-like appearance ever.

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/tesla-terminator-starter-kit-with-terminator-tank.html]Tesla Terminator Starter Kit with Terminator Tank[/URL][/B]
high performance, cost-effective and affordable device.

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/joyetech-evic-primo-se-mod-with-procore-se-80w-kit.html]Joyetech eVic Primo SE Mod with ProCore SE 80W Kit[/URL][/B]
The Joyetech eVic Primo SE is a portable box Mod with a 0.96-inch OLED display and a new easy-to-go interface.
[B]31% off

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/aspire-speeder-200w-kit-with-athos-tank.html]Aspire Speeder 200W Kit with Athos Tank[/URL][/B]
Aspire Speeder is a compact and ergonomic vaping kit including a 200W Speeder MOD and a Athos tank.
[B]20% off

Hope you guys will like it, you may check more options on ave40. BTW, AVE40 [URL=https://www.ave40.com/giveaways]limitless LMC 200W lgiveaway[/URL] last 3 days, join in and you may be the winner to take free one!
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Hello dear,
It seems that ave40 have so many big discount those days, you may hurry to get in!
here i bring the [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/joyetech-evic-primo-se-tc-80w-mod.html]Joyetech eVic Primo SE TC 80W Mod[/URL][/B], worth to check~

It is a in stock items which have five colors for you to choose: Black, Sliver, Red, Blue and yellow,
also a new generation of evic Primo family, even more, 23% off now

[B]Best version:[/B]
Compact but functional
Single 18650 battery with 80W output
Quick 2A charge system
Onboard reverse polarity protection
Dual circuit protection
Applicable for various tanks

How about you thank this [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/joyetech-evic-primo-se-tc-80w-mod.html]Joyetech eVic Primo SE TC 80W Mod[/URL][/B], personally, it is good chance to buy it with such a big discount, catch the chance please if you like, it is wiser to choose ave40, any feedback welcome to drop us a email on info@ave40.com


Although the current vape market has a large number of profiled mechanical rod products, but “[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/vgod-elite-mech-mod.html]VGOD ELITE MECH[/URL][/B]” shape more “alternative” some.

Rather than in pursuit of modeling unique, it is better to say that in order to pursue a better grip, in the actual experience ELITE MECH grip comfortable, whether it is middle finger or little finger to use, feel very comfortable.
The shaft of the paint is relatively strong, the daily use of the paint did not find the phenomenon, but the bottom of the thread with the switch contact with the switch friction will often exist off the paint phenomenon, but after the installation of the switch does not affect the appearance.

The bottom of the copper switch will be the outer layer of oxidation, in daily use to pay attention to maintenance, wipe with cotton can often remove the oxide layer, you can also use the “brush copper paste” to brighten the switch as new.

VGOD ELITE MECH Although the size is not large, but the material is still very full, shaft weight 215.5 grams, the installation of batteries and atomizer about 320 grams or so, start feeling heavy.

VGOD ELITE MECH as the second VGOD mechanical rod in the overall shape is still very chic, the overall conductivity than the previous generation products have some enhancements, optimize the pressure relief hole and switch part of the design, the use of more comfortable.

The actual test switch key way slightly shorter, the overall feeling of hard, use a few days after the feel will be improved, more suitable for the habit of short key “press to start” vaper.

Overall, I personally think that VGOD ELITE MECH more “pick” atomizer, that is more suitable for use with VGOD series of atomizer use, if with other brands, longer length of the oil atomizer, the effect is difficult coordination
Although VGOD aspects of the security measures before doing very well, but because of the high degree of concern, the domestic “imitation goods” or in the genuine sale before the listing.

But this time the first edition of the “imitation” in terms of packaging or shaft who can see a difference, the most obvious is the “imitation” for the carton packaging, the internal no brooch, the body VGOD shield logo above the shape But also a great gap with the genuine, so the first batch of “imitation goods” seems to be “annihilated” the.
But with the genuine listing, it is estimated that “imitation” will also be improved and updated, and the current electricity business platform also part of the “imitation goods” sellers use genuine promotional pictures as baby details, it is recommended that you try to choose a reliable channel to start.
Ave40 is a [URL=http://www.ave40.com]professional electronic cigarette wholesale platform[/URL], choose AVE40 is the most sensible decision, we offer 100% authentic and give a lower price, welcome to contact with info@ave40.com


At first glance see [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/hotcig-rmini-kit.html?___SID=U]HOTCIG RMINI[/URL][/B], for the use of smoke is my first feeling. Packaging a delicate emblem of a product is really enough to manual you to open the packaging, after which carefully checked out this product in the end how …
Simple enterprise field, maybe you would suppose this is a virtual product. But we are concerned approximately the product itself, the packaging may be skipped.
Packaging inside the host, 510 interface extension add-ons, atomizer, spare atomization center, spare seals and equipment, assurance card, USB cable and includes the Chinese guide, supporting wealthy.
Matte end, the whole quantity isn’t very mini, in spite of everything, it’s miles an embedded atomizer merchandise. The manufacturing facility extension 510 is preinstalled on the principle unit and the removal package may be eliminated from the spare parts package to extend the accent.

Host two acrylic panel can be modified, and may be bought inside the professional platform shells, resin and other surface of the gentle floor. From the internal visible nebulizer set up location has an intake adjustment ring, adjustable variety to guide mouth suction and mild lung suction, installation the atomizer whilst the ring will observe the rotation, every time after putting in the atomizer well want to manually regulate.
Gold-plated hyperlink electrode, 510 small diameter nozzle with the pinnacle of the oil layout, the entire host internal paintings nicely, no cheap experience. The 3 structures used inside the nozzle are clear. In addition to the nozzle and the oil cover, the ultimate cap is the only force implemented to the dispenser.
There are two kinds of installation of the baffle, the primary is with the region of the atomizer, can be visually view the balance of smoke and the intake line from the baffle, adjustable consumption range. The second is the 2-piece baffle switch role, the hollow window and the display pair, can visually view the facts inside the display, although there are grooves in the baffle to offer air consumption interplay, but in this example the complete use of suction resistance nearly There isn’t any adjustable range.

Zinc alloy fabric of the host inside the installation of batteries and nebulizer barely after the strain hand, 510 interface within the use of a time period will collect a small quantity of condensation, the need for everyday cleansing with paper towels. In addition, this 65W small host has been able to meet the daily wishes Moreover, RMINI additionally helps BYPASS, temperature manage, TCR, firmware upgrades, and so on … …
The atomizer has a simple shape, using the same atomization core of its personal SMART atomizer, pre-established 0.8 ohms, spare 1.2 ohms. This atomization atomizer atomization middle may be very small, the flue could be very lengthy, the use of 0.8 ohm core for mild lungs, and did now not experience the area of wonder, lengthy flue on the complete flavor reduction is more apparent influences.
If the initial “for smoke” use, I feel this atomizer isn’t for the conventional smokers feel “consolation”. Although its resistance to a massive variety of adjustable, however the layout positioning in the wide range of packages, but the loss of a touch cussed mouth sucking individual, if you certainly use it as a desire for smoke, I am afraid it’ll make the effort to conform.

Although RMINI can update the panel, that’s absolutely consistent with the wishes of the advent of the Association. But its corner position out of paint is greater obvious, using per week after the host across the emergence of dense small drop paint, which is to force the affected person can’t be given a scenario.
Although the host has 510 prolonged add-ons, like minded with external atomizer, however I will sense that that is well matched with the lifestyles, if it’s far a unmarried electric system, RMINI volume and weight are not any advantage. In the embedded atomizer mode, the want to alter the suction resistance is essential to abandon the visible show of the show; need to display the visual field of the want to abandon the suction adjustment variety, which makes users feel at a loss … …

The impact of a product is subjective, no person can best affect to obtain the goal. It is not clear HOTCIG RMINI this design for the authentic goal to apply for the smoke, after the revel in of the summary does no longer sense RMINI inside the smoke on the very great overall performance, but greater sense is the product quality is reliable, however the taste Performance pretty first-rate, possibly you can best update the panel of the high pressure and the fee of the acquisition of its hands …
Amazing [URL=https://www.ave40.com/hotcig-rmini-kit.html?___SID=U]HOTCIG RMINI [/URL]as it named “hotcig”, if you guys like this cool RMINI, do not forget checkout it on ave40, any question or suggestion welcome to contact with info@ave40.com


Hello friends!

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/giveaways]LMC 200W GIVEAWAY winner here>>[/URL][/B]

Congratulations to the winners, no discouragement if you do not win, more interesting waiting you next time!


Hello vapors!

:wink: Happy weekend!
Come and checkout this IJOY Captain Tank

  • [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/ijoy-captain-s-subohm-tank-4ml.html]IJOY Captain S Subohm Tank 4ml[/URL][/B]
    7 colors for you to choose, The IJOY Captain S Subohm Tank features a specially designed groove located below the juice reservoir and right above the coil placement. This result in a reduction in heat transmission route and helps prevent the entire structure from heating up during extended use. And a new thread-less coil system for easy coil replacement. The Captain S subohm Tank is conveniently filled via the sliding top cap. Bring you the smoothest airflow and the best flavor!

  • [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/ijoy-captain-rta-tank-3-8ml.html]IJOY Captain RTA Tank 3.8ml[/URL][/B]
    IJOY Captain RTA is a very personalized RTA atomizer, with a similar nice appearance of the Captain subohm tank, characterized by a diameter of 25mm and a capacity of 3.8ml, innovative postless deck design. Due to the lack of posts frees up build space to accommodate a wide range of coil structures and complex configurations. The quick sliding top fill design makes filling easier, plus by juice flow control, feel full of pleasure with airflow and cloud vapor. What’s more, the silicon gasket of fill part can be replaced which increases of service life. 4 colors available for you choose!

Which do you prefer, both of them comes with cost-effective and new design.
do not waiting, first check on ave40 now, any question or suggestion please contact with info@ave40.com


Vapors here!

Today’s new come is HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod Kit

[B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/hcigar-vt-inbox-75w-tc-vw-apv-box-mod-kit.html]The HCIGAR VT Inbox Mod Kit[/URL][/B] is powered by the Evolv DNA 75 chipset with 75W of real power, featuring unique internal squonk bottle and the Maze V2 RDA. With this device, you can choose your favorite SS, Ni or Ti coils. Besides, the USB port is not only for charging the device, but also customize it through the Escribe software! Pure power, total control, huge clouds and great taste. Get ready to experience true vaping excellence with the HCIGAR VT Inbox Mod Kit!

With the cool eagle pattern, and the compact quality, it is a really nice Kit you worth to get for it’s power features!

  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Customized fashionable LED fire light
  • Can be customized through Escribe software on computer
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • Dual posts deck for single or dual coil
  • Rotatable upper cover
  • Bottom adjustable air holes
  • Liquid-leading pipe connection

You may also only chose the [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/hcigar-vt-inbox-75w-tc-vw-apv-box-mod.html]HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod here>>[/URL][/B]
if you guys interested in this HCIGAR VT Inbox Mod Kit, do not forget to check more details on ave40, any feedback welcome to contact with info@ave40.com


Dear friends,
Happy Weekend!
Today’s recommendation isSnowWolf Vfeng 230W & Vfeng Atomizer Full Kit. which is a new comer and exclusive items on ave40.

Coming with the robot form and changeable futuristic LED, SnowWolf Vfeng is a excessive-spec vape package that based totally on a life-time’s appreciation of sci-fi films - Spaceships, transformers, Battles Axes, robots, devices, and the entirety else in this mix are a part of Vfeng suggestion.
Not most effective about design improvements, SnowWolf Vfeng do cool matters on innovation in characteristic too. Featuring the over-sized hexagon fireplace button where your thumb has clean get admission to to, the 1.3″ TFT show for clean reading and user-pleasant operation. Supporting by way of twin 18650 cells, SnowWolf Vfeng can sincerely run as much as a loopy 230W electricity output.
Measuring 24mm by using 50mm, the Vfeng tank is made from 303 chrome steel and thermostable silica gel (meals grade). The Vfeng tank’s prebuilt cores alternatives provide a traumatic vaping experience, and but each is unique. There’re 3 prebuilt cores sorts and 1 RBA alternatives - the 0.2ohm triple coil head supporting the most output of 120W, the zero.15ohm twin coils head helping 65W, and the 0.4ohm single coil helping 75W.

3 different colors for you to choose, stylish color and compact size!

Thanks for your viewing, for more details of this SnowWolf Vfeng, please check here>>
Please feel free to contact with info@ave40.com if there are any question or suggestion


Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C TC Box Mod
Is the next avant-garde layout piece from Lost Vape, deploying a luxurious chassis with a wide variety of top rate materials and colorway alternatives whilst integrating the innovative Evolv’s DNA75C Chipset. Machined out of die-cast zinc alloy, the primary chassis of the Paranormal DNA 75C gives a durable and robust look, with accented leather battery door and carbon fiber inlays inlays for brought excessive-give up substances. The integration of Evolv’s DNA 75C Chipsets gives a brand new benchmark in limitless configuration for the Paranormal output system, deploying colorful zero.Ninety six Inch OLED display matrix with the dealing with of three-button adjustments for exceptional guide. The onboard chip maintains an incredible eighty five% efficiency rankings with a maximum output of 75W and complex customization starting from complete temperature law to personalized display screen options while utilized with the associate Escribe application. A surely extraordinary blend of aesthetics, ergonomics, energy and class, the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C is the following need to-have grail for customers searching out a high-quit performance gadget.

Dual 18650 High-Amp Battery
Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel
Intuitive OLED Display
Die Cast Zinc Alloy Chassis Construction
Genuine Leather Battery Door
Three-Button Operation
Patented Evolv DNA75-C Chipset
Upgradeable Escribe Software - Theme Generator
MicroUSB Port - Firmware Upgrades

I was really obsessed with the perfect touch and Ergonomic design, seldom see that a vaping tool with such perfect design!
Any question or suggestion, please contact with info@ave40.com


Puff Avatar RS 75W DNA TC Mod
A box-shaped DNA chipset e cig mod with 7 shining LED colors. It is a high-end device supported by a single 18650 battery. The box measures 92mm by 49mm by 28 mm, this is a real compact and portable device.
PUFF RS 75W contains a DNA75 chip, supporting TC mode and VW mode. The TC range is from 100 º Celsius to 315 º Celsius. This is a proven device, one can be assured of benefiting from battery protection. This includes protection against reversing the battery, low voltage, too-high voltage, and too-low resistance. This box is also firmware upgradable via Escibe for vapers to customizer the operation system and have a personalized interface.

Available colors are: red, deep blue, sky blue, yellow, purple, green, or white.

Package Included
1 x Puff Avatar RS 75W DNA Mod (Battery not included)
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Gift Box
1 x User Manual

For more option of the PUFF RS75W, appreciate you to check more surprise on ave40, this new items with Innovation must earn a good market, do not hesitated, hurry to check!
Any feedback please contact with info@ave40.com

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Hello friends,

Every vaper deserves a exquisite, good quality, and cost-effective device!

Prism 250W TC Box Mod
The Prism 250W is the first crystal device that produced by Modefined. It combines with a different concept in using carbon fiber and geniune leathers into the design of a classic prototype to make the exotic Prism 250W. Along with the triple 18650 battery setting, the powerful 250W board is capable to fire up in zero second and to reach its best capacity.

So cool of this Prism 250w, if you guys interested in it, appreciate you to check on ave40.com, feel free to contact with info@ave40.com if you have any question!

Other option:
LMC 200w mod lifestyle & performance
Vaporesso Revenger kit – The Legend Continues
Preview & Rumors -Smoant Charon 218W


Hello everyone,

Will you like the USV - L 75W Box Mod?

The USV is a excessive-quit and smooth searching vape starter kit that suits firmly into the superior vaping class. Measuring 83.6mm by means of forty four.6 mm by 25.4mm, the Zinc Alloy chassis itself has a completely unique and premium coating and a unique battery filling for higher usability. USV comes with an brilliant chipset that supports consistent strength outputs with a respectable stage of 75W and wide running temperature variety from 100°C to 300°C. This easy but function device is absolutely adaptable to diverse mode together with POWER mode, BYPASS mode, TC mode and VPC mode.
USV TC control is relatively adaptable to a huge range of heating materials like chrome steel, Ni200, Ti, and so on. And boasts a “Convenient Temperature Control” that makes it very friendly for beginners. Powered by using a single 18650 cells, USV has gold plated electrodes for higher conductivity. Also, the package deal consists of an USV 18650 battery. Overall, regardless of you are a novice or a seasoned vaper, you ought to respect the craftsmanship of this USV tool and its interest to layout detail that makes this mod a flagship contestant on this equal-spec class.

Which has 3 colors for you choose: Grey, Tiffany Blue, Black.

Package content
1 x USV - L 75W Box Mod (Battery not included)
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Gift Box
1 x User Manual

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E-cig 18650 cells
Temperature Control Tanks

More option of USV please check on ave40, any feedback appreciate you to contact with info@ave40.com

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Hey guys!
Will you like this new item–SnowWolf Vfeng 230W with Vfeng Atomizer?
personal speaking, i love the design of Snowwolf logo with changeable LED and Mechanical shape with scientific and technological sense.
also the inspiration of Robot shaped design!

Check more here>>


Smoant CHARON TS 218W TC Box Mod - A pocket pleasant first Touch Screen mod with custom VW/TC curves and a genuinely clean to use interface and a display screen lock button. Powered via twin 18650 cells whose most output can be reached to 218W with quick and strong power transport in addition to wonderful TC. Support The USB ports make it possible for charging present day for short fee and balance charger can be more secure. It has the whole thing you’ve got come to like approximately Smoant. Smoant CHARON is your DAILY transportable TS mod.

[B]Many best feature:[/B]

Customizable Temperature Control Curves
Superior Zinx ALLOY Construction
Three Memory Mode
Versatile Temperature Control Module
Magnetic Battery Element
Intuitive Large OLED display
Oversized Textured Firing Button

Tahnks for your viewing, if you interested in this touch screen Smoant Charon TS 218, appreciate you to check on ave40, any feedback please contact with info@ave40.com