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Bakers dozen flavour concentrates


My usual online shop has just started selling them, has anyone tried them?
They have some very nice sounding concentrates, is it all just talk?
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Link to site? :wink:


I found this through Google search. I know nothing about them though. Prices seem pretty cheap.



That’s the one, thanks man.
I’ve seen them for sale with 1 or 2 other UK vendors too (I’m really not sure on their names though, found em while browsing), but no reviews as of yet…
I’m planing on nabbing a few at the end of the month, so I’ll post my notes if no one’s beats me to it :slight_smile:
Their Lemon tart and Victoria sponge look rather intriguing. :blush:

Edit: If any UK mixers need a good source for flavours, Vapable have a really impressive selection and are the cheapest I’ve found.
I often hear people in the UK say that they can’t get a specific flavour in this country. Well, here’s the place!
They do very rarely slightly mess up my order, and send the right flavour but by the wrong company etc… However, 24 hours and an email later, and you’ll have the right one in your hand :slight_smile: