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Basil Flavor?


I had a lemon and basil gelato some time ago and it was unbelievably good. I couldn’t believe how well the basil worked with sweet lemon and I’m wondering if the flavor sensation could be translated to juice.

Has anyone come across a accurate basil flavor and have your found any use for it?

Interestingly, sometimes i go outside for a puff and pluck back the basil. When I vape the basil flavor is sucked from my fingers and into the atty where it blends with whatever I’m vaping. Every now and then it seems to work.

All recommendations appreciated, Thanks.


I have never used it but…

and OOO

@Bob_Bitchen do you have it mate?


Thanks @woftam. Sounds like the Flavorah is similar to Thai basil with aniseed flavor, not really what i’m chasing. Mix well with chicken, fish sauce and chilly flavors. :wink: Not much critique on the OOO.


Natures flavors has basil extract.


Forgot to add that one needs to use the extracts only OR the coffee tea stuff. I use the organic diacetyl free extracts


Have you tried the NF basil? I picked some up at diyvs (organic extract, but not the diacetyl free), and it has a heavy anise thing going on at 1%.

Edit: it has steeped 5 weeks now and I haven’t tried it since week 1, so it may have changed…


No I haven’t. I thought you loved the taste of anus


I couldn’t help but to think of heavy anus when I wrote that…


Strawberries and Basil is lovely together!
Might have to track basil down myself?


Guess it’s not real good to vape.


Sounds like it might be difficult to find an accurate sweet basil flavor. Thai basil - anise/anus flavor seems to be readily available though.


I’d be interested to hear how the NF Basil went after the steep, If you can be bothered trying it again.


I wonder if I could DIY a basil concentrate by soaking basil in PG, might have a crack once my basil grows back.


I would look at the N.E.T thread - i think it would be possible but I also thing you would have to dry it out before trying.


That is the plan! I’ll be back with an update soon. I’m also on the hunt for a pure extract. Amoretti has one, might be worth their high price since MF only has essential oil Basil.


I was going to suggest a N.E.T… but why dry it out first? I have no exp w dry basil but when cooking, fresh always trumps dry (or so I was taught). Would fresh release oils or similar?


I am not sure about the oils etc - I agree fresh always trumps dry. The only reason I suggested drying it first is the guys that do nets use dried tobacco, dried tea etc - not sure anyone has tried a fresh net or if it is a viable thing to do.

@Skullblade789 @Kinnikinnick @Josephine_van_Rijn @50YearsOfCigars would have a much much better idea than I


Yep… thats very true. But hmm… I think I might do some experimentin …unless one of our learned friends recommends against it.


Please post your result, love to hear how it went. Theres no comparison between fresh and dried basil and it’s the fresh basil flavor I’m chasing. Perhaps fresh basil might be a problem because of its water content? Possibly drying would also help to destroy microbes which might grow in the NET?


Mmmm… microbes! Yum!.. no triangles tho!
I like the sound of that gelato - I’ve never tasted (or even considered) basil n lemon in combo - I expect a good kinda weird - but I’ll play w some basil first n let you know.