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Battery charger features


Agreed 100%. Not having notifications when a battery is fully charged makes the app basically just a novelty. Doesn’t make sense to me whey they didn’t include it. I’m using Android and assume the iPhone version is identical.


Been having problems as of late with my nitecore d4
It chargers some batteries fine some take much longer
I pair the batteries and put them on charger and one will charge in 4 hours or so and the other in morning still not fully charged . So brought home my

Efest LUC with read out and after the other one said the batteries were full threw them on it and only read 4 volts both of them. I have bought new batteries thing that was it . Guess it time to replace charger. It is 2 years old or close
It was doing fine just started last month driving me crazy
Thought was mod at first but all were doing it


Best charger on the market these days…under $100.


Sent my number thanks for info
I trust your opinion on these things such a wealth of knowledge on all things mechinical/ electrical
As much as I use the charger time to get a new good one


Do you like it better than the Opus for the same cost?


Yes, I do, but I still use the Opus C-3100 also.


MiBoxer C4 Charger

But there are some problems also:
LiIon charger do never terminate, if batteries are removed when the charger say finished it is fine, but if the batteries are left in the charger it will wear them down.
NiMH has a fairly high trickle charger, again no problem if the batteries are removed when the charger is finished, but will wear them down if they are left in the charger.
The internal resistance function for NiMH looks rather unstable (LiIon looks fine).
Only one slot has test functions. This is a question about convenience and time.
The NiMH charger current is very low, it requires some patience on this charger.


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almost any charger atm provides all protections you need (like overcharging protection etc etc)

the first feature i would recommend for you is being able to charge 4 batteries at once :slight_smile:
Nitecore D4 or Nitecore i4 or Xtar Vc4 can do the job really nice for you…

i would just recommend you to buy a good one and not the cheapest you will find in front of you… they provide better made quality, and in general are more trustworthy… stay away from battery chargers like the ones of Trustfire or very cheap ones… my experience with them was bad in the past…

personally i own an Xtar v4 and an Nitecore D2… i am really happy with both of them… never regretted the money i spent for them… :slight_smile:


Have been using that for over a year and it never gets a break with almost constant 4 batt charging. No issues. Would have loved to be able to see how much capacity per cell though…


I ended up getting the opus bt-c3100 about 7-8 months ago and I’m loving it. I’m still on the lookout for a 3400 for a decent price.


I’ve been using the E-SYB E4 for at least 6 months and I’m very happy with it.
It has a bluetooth app that can be used to control it, not that I use it. Can charge 4 batteries @1Amp each or 2 @2Amps each, can charge from 0.25 Amps, displays bettery level for each battery.
It’s not expensive and does a great job.


@Sprkslfly Thanks a LOT for the great videos. Anytime I want to know about a charger, and there’s a scope involved, I like it even more. Thank you.


Thought this was a new topic… well I’ll add my 2 cents

This is the charger I have. Like the Bluetooth feature . Able to check the charge status of my batteries using my tablet or phone.


FTW! :slight_smile:
Lots of good features, has great reviews from users. No bluetooth but I don’t care, that’s not worth the price to me. About 30$ US, free shipping from China.