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Battery charger features


My favorite brand is XTAR
At home i have XTAR OVER 4 SLIM (2 slots, up to 4A), and at the workplace XTAR ANT-MC1 Plus (one slot) as an emergency reserve.


Anyone interested in buying a new charger, might want to check out these reviews. It is not specifically for vaping application, but it is AFAIK the most comprehensive collection of battery charger reviews on the interweb.



Nice link (and very nice layout)!
Thanks for sharing!!

I’ll have to dig further into this one, but if his other reviews hold true to the form used in my cursory examination of his review on the BT-C3100, then holy cow… What a resource!

(Hoping to spend some good time reading there, as his approach appears to be very technically in-depth! Which I love/appreciate) :tada:


Yeah he is very thorough. I must confess that I don’t understand everything, or can interpret all of his graphs, fortunately he also does that for us in his comments, and if the technical stuff is too much you can always skip to his conclusions .